Portrait studies: The Feminist Five.

A contribution to Wikipedia (pages without pictures), I discovered it thanks to the French initiative Les Sans Images. It was difficult but a good training: I had to not copy the photos but derivate a lot from them so the portraits could be under libre license.

I'll upload them later to Wikimedia. I'll need to cut them to illustrate each of their profile.

Clockwise: Li Tingting, Zheng Churan, Wei Tingting, Wu Rongrong, Wang Man.


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link Vinay   - Reply

Good to see you contribute your skills to awareness of these causes. Pretty insane to learn how people are treated on this very same planet. Most fitting would be if someone would print these on stickers too!

link Wikipe-fan   - Reply

Those are great portraits, and they really add to the article. You know, you could ask the WMF for a grant to produce this sort of illustration for Wikipedia. They have a lot of money, and good encyclopedic open-license content like this would be well worth funding.

A minor note: if you add "upright=1.7|" to the wikitext in an article, the image will display bigger.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, thank you Wikipe-fan for the info!

link Wikipe-fan   - Reply

Wikipedia editing is sort of a socially-acceptable outlet for infodumping at people :).

I trust you know there are tools that you can set to automatically upload images, with any available metadata, from your website?
There are even volunteers who will build custom scrapers.

OK, infodump done!

link Xiexie   - Reply


link Sinkra   - Reply

Bonjour !
Je suis la présidente des sans pagEs et on nous a partagé ton travail ce matin !
On voulait te remercier il est vraiment top :D
Un grand bravo ! On va essayer de traduire la page rapidement pour qu'on en ait une version en français.
Bonne journée

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