Sara, the OpenGameArt mascot

... but in my style.

The references (under) and my remake (on top). Click to enlarge and see the brush work. While doing a long commission for the next campaign of Framasoft, I'm still playing at the evening with doing these remakes of free and libre culture characters. I'm not sure yet what will be the next one, but I want to continue that.

Important attribution complement if you plan to reuse: "by David Revoy, a derivation from an original design by Mandi Paugh. CC-BY-4.0"

(update) Speedpainting timelapse videos ▶️ Ptb:
▶️ Ytb:

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link Alex   - Reply

This looks phenomenal.
The shapes are very feminine and you absolutely matched the lighting.
Really good work indeed.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply


link reset by peer   - Reply

> I'm not sure yet what will be the next one, but I want to continue that.

If this was a request for recommendations, might I offer as an option Wikipe-tan, the unofficial but widespread mascot of Wikipedia? There are model sheets on Wikimedia Commons for her from infancy to adulthood :)
If it wasn't a request, feel free to ignore this and do whatever you decide anyway :D

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Wow! Wikipe-tan, I had no idea this mascot existed. Thanks!
I also really like the two other ones I discovered: Commons-tan, and Quote-tan. Nice. I'll bookmark them and keep that in a corner.

link Andreas   - Reply

Hi David,

great work. I like the colors a lot. Qick technical question about the timelapse Video: Where i can see, that this soundtrack is CC BY ? Is this just indicated by "Royality Free Music" in the Titel? Iam confused ^^

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey Andreas, Thanks!
You'll find the sentence "Sakuya2(Royalty Free Music) By PeriTune is licensed under a Creative Commons License." with Creative Commons License linking to a CC-By-3.0 on (unfold the description). I found the music on a French website; . I hope it helps!

link Andreas   - Reply

Oh i really missed this obviously unfoldable icon. Never used soundcloud before (can't see the forest for the trees i guess). Thanks a lot for your fast reply David.

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