Hey, here is the mascot of named Pleroma-tan. Users of Pleroma asked me to draw her in my style long long time ago and it was sleeping in a dusty 'someday' folder.

I wanted to test new brushes on a character and I remembered of her. So, this is a Pleroma 'in my style'.

First week of September I wrote the detailed scenario for episode 38 and 39 of Pepper&Carrot. Episode 38 was too long (first scenario had 12 pages) and I found a way to split it into two episode while making the two interesting. It took me a lot of effort and rewrite.

I'm right now painting a big series of illustration for the upcoming campaign of Framasoft. I'll start storyboard soon along the way.

So, it's a busy start of September with many very productive days. I feel more and more confident about my painting technique in Krita, and I have real fun with it. Maybe you can feel it on this Pleroma-tan artwork. 🙂

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link Skull Insides Prisoner   - Reply

Wow, what a hottie here!

link reset by peer   - Reply

nice fire pun :P

link Kthy   - Reply

The upper half gives the impression of a classical portrait, the button is very flowy. I guess it could be improved if the hairs adapt the gesture of the fire and here skirt and dont stay this "stiff".

Overall nice work :-)

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