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It's Caturday (like on every caturday), but an opportunity to share a photo of 'Miolek', a kitten I adopted back in 2020.

He is my third cat, 18 months old, at full adult size and with his slightly damaged ear that gives him a 'cute bad boy' look. Very high-Energy and playful cat, he has a cult for any form of water: tap, shower, bath, garden hose and love to run under the rain. We even have a ritual to clean his paw with a towel when he come back home all muddy from outside. He also prefers to sleep on cold hard surface.

My two other cats are really differents, do you know cats like that?

License: "Miolek, adult size" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Lamecarlate  

He's *so* gorgeous.

Where did he gain this split ear?

Atrus-the-cat does not love rain, and meows miserably on the edge of the window on these times - but the soaked grass after the rain is not a problem for him, it's weird. And if he really really want to go out, he braves the water-from-the-sky. We also have a ritual like yours, but we often forget, and he goes back and forth through the study window, where we have not always a towel… So, we endure the ephemeral redecoration with little paw prints on the floor. Eh, it's cute!

link inaya  

oooohhhh so cuuute ♥♥♥♥ I love the cats (I have 2)

link dd-h  

My Neighbour has adopted a french cat some years ago and Francois looks similar to Miolek (not the colour, but the face).
And he has also has no fear of rain, but I don´t know if likes bathes :)

My own lady-cats don´t like water at all.
One of them used to play with dripping water from the tap, and the others becam curious about that.

Three cats on the basin were a little too much, so we banned them from there :)

link Ferdi  

I once had a cat that was unlike all other cats I had in the things it liked.
Water was one of those, he liked to go into the shower with me, loved to take a bath and he slept in wet places whenever they were available. He liked to go out in the rain. One day during renovating my kitchen he went to sleep in wet cement, took a few days to get all that hard cement out of his fur...
He also drank coffee, beer and wine. You should not leave those unattended when he was around. He was very territorial and except for his sister every other cat, dog or other animal was driven away from his surroundings, our neighbour's big dog ( a bouvier) was afraid of him and did not dare to get out when he was in their garden...
He was a good friend with an attitude, I loved that cat....

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