Miolek, adult size

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It's Caturday (like on every caturday), but an opportunity to share a photo of 'Miolek', a kitten I adopted back in 2020.

He is my third cat, 18 months old, at full adult size and with his slightly damaged ear that gives him a 'cute bad boy' look. Very high-Energy and playful cat, he has a cult for any form of water: tap, shower, bath, garden hose and love to run under the rain. We even have a ritual to clean his paw with a towel when he come back home all muddy from outside. He also prefers to sleep on cold hard surface.

My two other cats are really differents, do you know cats like that?

License: "Miolek, adult size" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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