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Today, my wife and me adopted a third cat. He is a cute kitten we named Miolek (/mjolɛk/; aka "the one who meow a lot"). It come from "miaule" −meow in French− and *ek ending is a way to finish/shorten Polish words to make them sound more cute (my wife is Polish).

He meows all the time, as if he needs to comment on everything. And purring too, all the time; a very cuddling temper. It's a very interactive four month old young male. He was left alone in a garden next a place we were invited to get lunch today and came on our knee meowing a lot and cuddling a lot. We saw he was starved and was left alone and we found a owner we could contact on phone. She (previous owner) had already too much cat (4) and Miolek wasn't expected. She was also rarely at home to take care of the kitten and that's why Miolek was visiting the neighborhood alone . She proposed us to adopt if we liked him and we quickly shared a eye contact with my wife and our decision to take him home was done. Her previous owner was also happy that Miolek could get a new home with attention and described us his date of birth, age and everything to identify him later to the vet, sterilize and vaccine.

So we made the trip back home in car and Miolek was sweet enough to just sit on a box with a towel on my knee while Alicja was driving. After one hour of purring and cuddle, we arrived and my two other cats started to meet him. They went close to smell each other. No aggressions but "leave me alone" and "take your distance" sort of single serious meowing. Now they are all back to their usual habits. Miolek sleeps next to me while I type this and already used his improvised litter, eat his food and visited all home. So far, he is a perfect kitten!

I'm so happy and I had to share this with you :-)

Miolek meeting Tigrette: same type of fur.

The cats I already have: Noutti on left (inspiration for Carrot) and Tigrette on right (she looks like an old grumpy samurai, but she is a sweety).

Miolek while I type this...

License: "Miolek" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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