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Hey, look what I just received! A tablet from GAOMON for a video review oriented GNU/Linux and Krita (soon). This is the M10K 2018 tablet (priced around ~60€ or 60$). Gaomon collaborated with Digimend for the driver and I had a little effect on that decision 😉

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link Andreas   - Reply

I hope their linux driver are better than their windows driver :o

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

It's Digimend based; so it is command-line xsetwacom (or alternatively, xinput command line based)
Not really user friendly, but robust and not buggy as far as I tested.
What's the situation on Windows?

link Andreas   - Reply

Ahh its good they use that as a base. On Windows i had the problem that sometimes the input sensitivity failed. Then I always had to reboot first. That was really annoying. Ive switched to Huion after a while

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks for the report, I'll keep a close eye on that during tests. I also met another user on Linux via Twitter and asked for durability/longevity feedback. Let's hope this device had more software issues than hardware.

link Crimson 1   - Reply

Well, now we see Carrot in real life

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Yes. He is not a secret or more precisely, this shot is not a reveal. I often share photos with him (and you'll find him in my video tutorial, sleeping aside my desk).

More about him: he is 8 years old now, real name "Noutti", and I started Pepper&Carrot when he was a kitten. He has a very sensible personality compare to my two other cats, he is affraid of storm, fireworks, other poeple (but this is variable), and he likes to meow to reply. He invents a lot of things the two other just copy (systems to access rooms and opening doors, taking his food into his cup of water to 'cook them'). He took seriously a role to "educate to fight" the young kitten I adopted last year. They play daily during long minutes since a year. Jedi Master and Padawan style :-)

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