A concept-art of Torreya, who appears on episode 35 of Pepper&Carrot. I was a bit sad with her ceremony clothes, not really well adapted to riding a dragon. So, here is more work to update her character design for episode 36. I made this artwork while testing the Gaomon M10K 2018. I finished the video editing this evening, release of the video is planed for within the next 48h.

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link Ryan Miller   - Reply

Normally you name important characters in your series after a culinary spice, but Torreya sounds like a tree name. Is there something I'm missing? I remember reading somewhere that torreya seeds are sometimes referred to as nutmeg, but I find conflicting reports on whether or not the seed is used as a spice.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, you are right. I think I got it from , where appears "The California nutmeg, Torreya californica, [...]" and found the word Torreya good for a character name. I thought it was a nutmeg. It also appears in , about the . But true, this one is far to be an obvious spice. My bad. If you find more about it, I'll be happy. Or maybe I'll have to open the series name of witch to spices and all kind of nuts. :-) Thanks for checking and the feedback!

link Vinay   - Reply

Of course something has been opened up already as episode 35 wasn't a silent episode either (unlike the previous episodes which were multiples of five). Then again, maybe Torreya isn't actually a witch? She hasn't performed magic until now.

link Andreas   - Reply

That looks great, and i look forward to the review :-) !

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