Lofi Cyberpunk

(Note: you can click the picture above to download the 2431x1930px with minimal compression. It can be used as a Wallpaper.)

Here is a piece I made to cool down after days doing comissions (I'm finishing a big 34 illustrations pack, I'll tell more about them soon). Because I'm beta testing Krita 5.0 beta 1 appimage on GNU/Linux, I could use the Stylise filter of Gmic. It was at first designed to apply the style of a painting (eg. Van Gogh) into a photo. But it is really fun if you use it with two Input layers: you can then start to mashup previous artwork and sketches together. That's what I did here. You'll find a bit of Pepper&Carrot, and Tears of Steel concept art into, this one too. I'll continue to play this way, it's fun. Apply a LUT on the top, Boost Chromacity and then you only need to paint-over the chaos of shapes. Really a bit of a continuation of the philosophy of Chaos&Evolution Dvd I published with the Blender Foundation in 2009. After planning artworks all this years from A to Z, I almost forgot about the joy I had going total impro, random and even cross over a tribute to Lofi Girl and Cyberpunk genre.

License: "Lofi Cyberpunk" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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