Lofi Cyberpunk

(Note: you can click the picture above to download the 2431x1930px with minimal compression. It can be used as a Wallpaper.)

Here is a piece I made to cool down after days doing comissions (I'm finishing a big 34 illustrations pack, I'll tell more about them soon). Because I'm beta testing Krita 5.0 beta 1 appimage on GNU/Linux, I could use the Stylise filter of Gmic. It was at first designed to apply the style of a painting (eg. Van Gogh) into a photo. But it is really fun if you use it with two Input layers: you can then start to mashup previous artwork and sketches together. That's what I did here. You'll find a bit of Pepper&Carrot, and Tears of Steel concept art into, this one too. I'll continue to play this way, it's fun. Apply a LUT on the top, Boost Chromacity and then you only need to paint-over the chaos of shapes. Really a bit of a continuation of the philosophy of Chaos&Evolution Dvd I published with the Blender Foundation in 2009. After planning artworks all this years from A to Z, I almost forgot about the joy I had going total impro, random and even cross over a tribute to Lofi Girl and Cyberpunk genre.

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link clarc   - Reply

This picture is just so awesome. I clicked several times on your blog post just to look at the picture again! The texture is just stunning!

Could you please share how the layers looked like before you merged them with the gmic filter?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

I worked a bit destructive over the same file (not a good workflow, but it was just a file at root to beta test Gmic in Krita beta5), so I don't have steps.
The base artwork was this one: https://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/temp/2021-09-29_screenshot_212012_net.jpg I only have this version where I already put a first GMIC Stylise pass (with a default Money built in example). This artwork in my sketchbook was a bit cheesy and leading to no where. I'm glad after totally switching palette and layering more art via stylize it started to make something of it.

link clarc   - Reply

Thank you for your additional artwork and sharing. Sometime we need just to follow the flow. Have a nice evening.

link Jiří Svoboda   - Reply

It's lovely. What's the license on this picture? Would it be okay for me to use it in the header of my blog? It's very close to what I've been looking for. I love your art. It would be so cool if I could hire you to draw some art/mascot for our free software project. But since we (as project) don't deal with donations (if we did we would probably receive close to zero anyway and there would probably be more justifiable ways of spending them), the point is kind of moot.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey Jiří ,
It's released as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International; the link is in the footer of the article (I should probably work the layout so it is more visible). So, feel free to use it, a little "header art: David Revoy" somwhere in your about page, or on the footer, or directly on the picture is enough for the attribution. Thanks!
About the mascott, I'm also making ones on my freetime (if you have time). I made GMIC this way and I'm working on PLuXML now. What is your project?

link Jiří Svoboda   - Reply

Hi David. Thanks! I added the picture to my blog's header. I cropped it and had to bleech the top part, because it was the only way I could make the blog's title somewhat readable (as I cannot change the color of the text) and added attribution over the image itself (http://jiri-svoboda.blogspot.com/) so hope that's okay. The project is HelenOS (www.helenos.org). Cheers, Jiri

link Châu   - Reply

Super Famicon SNES game controler! Best controler design.

link Vulphere   - Reply

Stunning, I love both cyberpunk and Lofi Girl. This art mixed both of them so well!

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