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...and I'm reverting my desk setup after roughly two weeks of usage (the one using at 100% the XP-Pen large display tablet, I posted a photo on the blog in end august).

It happened while editing last video; it was too tedious with previous setup. I found a way to make my new setup hybrid, but I keep mainly the first position. I'm definitely a non-display tablet person, but I need a yearly reminder about it.😉

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link all modcons  

nice way to show the tablet mapping of the Intuos

link David Revoy Author,

Thanks! 😊

link Andreas  

Good morning David,

i like the idea to use the screen-tablet as a second monitor and make it "drawable" through the flexible vesa arm. Why i never thought ab it before! Thanks for sharing.

link Xantros  

At least you have a nice, wide desk. I'm thinking of getting a bigger one but a tablet holding arm could be useful... hmm

link Sergi Aguirre  

This looks nice! In terms of ergonomics something that has impacted my workflow tremendously is that I got a gaming keypad so that my left arm is at the same height and reach as my drawing hand. You should give it a try, it's a life changer 😀

link David Revoy Author,

Oh, true: I keep thinking about one day taking one. As it is not easy to find a programable one on Linux; I have my eyes on this one: ; maybe I'll take it as a Xmas present ^__^

link David Revoy Author,

Also, I remember now I wanted to test if I can't find a cheap remote control with simple HID support on Linux; something where I can remap keys. It probably could offer ever more freedom of movements.

link David Revoy Author,

Yes, a 160cm x 80cm. The base table was a cheap Ikea table in Pine wood I bought when I was a student; I "upgraded" the top part with a panel of bamboo I found once in a DIY store (and replaced the old one, it was really used and smaller, like 120cmx70cm).

link David Revoy Author,

One thing to notice: the position of the arm takes a lot of time to adjust to get perfect into both situation. It took me probably 30 min playing at "1 cm more on the left.... No.... 2cm more on the right ... No .... etc ". I still had a slight issue when the tablet reach the desk: one feet had a 2mm distance not touching the desk. It produced a mini wooble issue. I had to thicken the feet of the tablet with layers of textured black tape to solve it the quick and cheap way. Except of that, I miss my keybaord on the top. I have to find a way to fix something to hold my keyboard temporary on the top.

link -L0Lock-  

That looks awesome!

I'm happy to see an XP-Pen Artist pro! As a 3D animator and occasional 2D anim-paint enthousiast, I have been using the 15" variant for over a year, it really is an unmatched pleasure compared to my previous Cintiq & intuos experiences. Funny thing, the most appreciated difference was not the tablet itself but the red wheel. I thought it was just a gadget option worth zero attention when I bought it, but man it's crazy how just that little stupid button changed everything. I always try to find a way to use it everywhere, it saves so much button spamming and my fingers can have a rest, free of arthrosis ♥

link Large Orc  

You can get a Macropad from Adafruit.
It's a 12 key control device that can be programmed using python on the microcontroller that works great with linux!
I use it to send keyboard button presses for customized shortcuts on xfce.

link David Revoy Author,

Oh thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I just checked Adafruit's website and it's out of stock ( ) . I'll bookmark for later; very interesting device and I see it is cheaper (almost twice) than the duckypad Macropad ( ) I had on my bookmark about cool gadget to buy one day.

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