link Mario Lurig   - Reply

Use this phrase frequently at work... already shared this in work's Slack. :)

link Oel   - Reply

Hi, are Pepper and Carrot stealing the dragon? (I wish not, XD). Did you now were to find those skeches in light brow, that show Pepper body (i think it was pepper body). I searching for them a lot because i really like it but i only found two light brown background skeches and none show feminine body.

link xwst   - Reply

you don't have to post this again, it showed up fine on the last post (I replied to you there).

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Yes, I also replied on the previous message.

link Châu   - Reply

We call this type work 'công phung phí' or 'công nhỏ mọn'.

If you not tell about this I guess 'shave yak (or yacc, ha, ha)' is special work; most people never have opportunity for do that work because yak is very rare animal.

link Nova   - Reply

Can you do some freelancing for me. I need to person with some interesting comic book style and found you :)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi Nova,
Thank you for proposing a freelance work. Unfortunately, I don't have time available right now to take a new client and this for sure until spring 2022.
You can check other artists and/or post a proposal on https://krita-artists.org/c/jobs/9 ; you'll find many talents using Krita available.

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