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Video available here on Peertube:

Here is a video about the process of episode 34, with making-of, sharing my thought about Wasabi, the scenario and a new major story arc in preparation. I really hope this production report will give you a "backstage feeling" in my making of Pepper&Carrot episode 34. I'm sharing my sketches, storyboard and visual (without spoiling the next episode). This is the first time I'm writing a making-of article as a full video by the way. I try to adapt with the modern time to produce contents on Internet (and accept detailed articles published on blogs are probably not something read by newer generations). I'm not comfortable that much with the media with my heavy French accent and English mistakes, with the tone of work required by video-editing and then uploading; but I really think it's the best media to communicate a complex message and concepts with ease for the audience.

Bonus, screenshot of my edit with Kdenlive 20.12.1, very good release, I love the subtitle editor and smoothness of it:


  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 00:37 Disclaimer.
  • 00:55 A recap' about the story.
  • 01:37 Wasabi, a new character.
  • 02:22 Timeline of 2020, not the best timing.
  • 03.18 Scenarios attempts on Beta-Reading thread.
  • 04:45 Rethinking my writing process.
  • 05:32 Writing a lot...until the end.
  • 06:40 Overview of episode 34.
  • 08:00 Techniques used for soft-inking.
  • 09:39 Conclusion: a lot of work.
  • 10:17 End notes/outro.
  • 11:03 Credits

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Art/Video: David Revoy
Music: "Backed Vibes Clean" by Kevin MacLeod (CC-By)

License: "Production report episode 34: Wasabi" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link GunChleoc  

Thanks for explaining the process. I do occasionally check in at the preview and now I understand where the color went :)

Looking forward to the new story arc.

link Dirk  

Wow, thatś a real real complex work to do.
Big respect for that.

My Girls and me are always happy when a new Episode appears.

We are really excited for the next one.

By the way, U have real cute Sidekicks in Your Video (The Cats) :)

And in the Background is one of my favorite Hayao Miyazaki Movies...

Spirited Away.... I / We love that one.

It was my way to show my girls, that there is much more interesting and fantastic stuff than Disney out there in the world :)

In germany (for my shame) most kids only know Disney and Dreamworks.

But maybe this will change sooner or later.

So I wish You a long breath and a lot of fun in the further Production of the next Pepper and Carrot episode.

Yours Dirk

link Heinrich  

Me on first draft: "Wow, this looks amazing!"
Me on final version: "WOW! This looks even more amazing, and I do not even understand how it was possible to improve the previous draft."

At the end of the video, Carrot is licking her paws in anticipation.

link Andreas  

Its always inspiring to see how you improve your workflow. Its also fun to see your spirited away artbook but honestly, i always keep in mind that Miyazakis movies are crafted by hundret of poeple specialiced in LineArt, Backgrounds, Coloring, Animation, and so on. From this point of view, i think your art is on a level that most famous professionals will never reach.

link Deevad  

Thank you very much for the comments and nice words!

By the way, about Hayao Miyasaki; there is four very good documentaries in free access on NHK (world Japan channel) replay: (and tip for those on Linux; youtube-dl works perfectly to grab a temporary copy on disk and watch in the player of your choice). They are also translated with subtitles in 10 languages. The documentaries follows the work of Miyasaki on "Ponyo" and "The Wind Rise"; it shows really the size of the studio, and the work of Miyasaki on all the storyboard and the manual review of each animation sequence. It was really inspiring to see!

link Dirk  

Hi David,

does youtube-dl prevent YouTube from tracking You, or does it just download and Your Data is getting collected as usual?

By the way: How do You handle that massive Datacollection from Youtube (Google) and all of this giant Globalplayers?

Thanks for the Info

Many Greets to France

link David Revoy Author,

Hey! No idea about Youtube-dl. It's only a Command Line Interface tool to download/backup and I use it mainly in a Bash script to backup my Yt channel in case an algorythm decide to ban my work/profile. (so I get all my videos/description/thumbnails ready to start new). But I can guess if one wants to use youtube-dl only to access certain video; it will certainly reduces the amount of data collected to watch a video (but CLI only, not user friendly). Google can't record mouse movement from a youtube-dl CLI (mouse movement, hesitation hover a button/thumbnails, comments send and not sent, all of this is saved and analysed I believe). But for the extreme; Google still know your IP request a download of the video with youtube-dl. It's not a encrypted/anonymous way I think.

About data collection and my usage ; my policy is to reduce it to the minimum while sill using Google/Facebook/etc services (for audience/art/presence on web reasons). For that, I use Firefox (with built-in privacy protections) + uBlockOrigin plugin and it removes many things already (adv/trackers...). I also setup my Google profile to not keep history and I try to not use services that sync things via Google, or Chrome or official apps of GAFAM on smartphone. So, all in all, I'm trying to keep the services as a creator while limiting the nuisance to the max.

link Andreas  

Thank you David! I watched some weeks ago the documentation from Mayazaki on Bluray "The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness" but the documentation from NHK looks far more informative. Thanks four sharing

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