Perspective grids for comics in Krita

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I'm sharing my perspective grids (CC-0/Public Domain) and show how to use them in Krita: it's a set of PNGs I drag'n'drop over the canvas. I hope they'll be useful for you!.

Download the ZIP with the grids: (CC-0 / Public Domain)

(note: subtitle available)
Peertube: it will be soon mirrored on thanks Touhoppai team!


  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 01:33 Quick Install.
  • 02:02 How to use them.
  • 04:00 Why this method?
  • 04:42 Tip 1: Limit the grid to a panel.
  • 05.40 Tip 2: Deformed grids.
  • 06:14 Tip 3: Turning the grid to grayscale.
  • 06:37 Conclusion, special thanks and credits.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Video and artworks by David Revoy

Intro: Fabian Measures - Hanami (CC-By)
Timelapse: Kevin Mac Leod, Perspectives (CC-By)
End/Credits: Kevin Mac Leod, Backed Vibes Clean (CC-By)

Edited with Kdenlive 20.12.1 on Kubuntu Linux 20.04

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License: CC BY
David Revoy,, .
Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

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link Andreas   - Reply

Thank you for this great content. I always feel very uncomfortable to use the build in perspective grids in Krita especially in comparsion with clip studio paint (which is uncomfortable in all other aspects xD).

To use the mesh to transform the grids... ohmygosh, so simple on the one hand but so superior ^^... You are a genius.

link Châu   - Reply

Andrew Loomis die in year 1959, I think book become public domain year 1959 + 70 + 1 = 2030 in France. Copyright monopoly AFTER die is longer than Andrew Loomis's life 66 years, crazy.

link Vili   - Reply

I always have mixed feelings with Loomis books. Too much text and too few examples how to apply. No excersises or general a path
how to learn. In my opinion it left the learner with too many questions alone. Of course he said its not a book about perspective and he reference other books where to go on.

Overall I think "art books" falling a little bit out of time when it comes to really art education. There so many really great online schools like New Masters Art Academy who are not so much more expensive per month then a art book and where you can learn directly from living art masters like Glenn Vilppu.

Thanks for sharing David!

link Jose Navas   - Reply

Hi David,
Which books do you recommend to learn drawing comics? I recall a couple you recommended in the past for lighting and figure drawing. But I wonder how you master laying out your panels to tell the story on a given page?


link Châu   - Reply

Robert Marzullo have many great video about draw action comics. This is first video show how he draw comic page:

This process I use for animación but change it should ork for comic too:
1. Create your story first, I like do this by use story boards. Other people like write their story.
2. Think about how want show your story: camera angle, camera distance, where character stand, what is background and where put background objects, how big draw comic picture.
3. Sketch your comic book pages (very simple shape/figure, if draw by hand ≈5-10 minites each page).
4. Wait until NEXT day (or longer) and look at comics pages again, you will see mistake and have new idea. Fix comic pages show story better. For animación I fix story board.

Want master draw comic page? Do this MANY, MANY times. No short way.

link Jose Navas   - Reply

Thanks for pointing out this resource and insights 😊

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