Annuncement of a future PC for Linux review

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(Kitten not included)

I'll publish later a blog-post to describe the setup I selected and review if digital-painting/video/CGgraphics feels good with it on GNU/Linux. In short, I'll list you the hardware I took:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X
  • Motherboard: Asrock B450M-Pro4
  • Ram: 2x8GB G.Skill DDR4 @ 3200Mhz
  • GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB
  • Case: Bequiet! Pure Base 500
  • CPU/Fan: Bequiet! Pure Rock 2 Black
  • PowerUnit: Bequiet! Pure Power 11, 600W 80+Gold.

For the SSD, I have them already from my previous config. It's not sponsored, and I bought it on LDLC for ~1100€ the whole pack. For now: unboxing time and install. 🐧 I'll put on it Kubuntu 20.04 following my guide. I should get back to work before the end of Afternoon. (but let's be realistic: I think I'll play painting/benchmarking/tweaking it all night long before I'm happy with it)

License: "Annuncement of a future PC for Linux review" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Jo  

Belle config !

link Sky  

Super ! Je voulais justement monter une machine full AMD avec des drivers opensource pour du jeu et édition multimédia. J'ai hâte de lire tes retours sur la config.


Great! I just wanted to build a full AMD machine with open source drivers for gaming and multimedia editing. I can't wait to read your feedback on the config.

link Andrew Glasgow  

Kitty's looking for the mouse.

link No2Fan  

WoW, Awsome, I always wanted to see how a high-end AMD system would support krita, Please do a review about this.
By the way his is the legal battle against webtoons going, Hope everything was resolved. I have not seen any new uploads,but the old uploads are still there.

link Anonymous  

Attention avec cette carte mère pour installer windows 10 :

Il faut bien mettre l'ISO de windows 10 sur une clef USB 2.0 et non 3.0 et la brancher sur un port USB 2.0

link Anonymous  

Je dis ça dans le cas d'un double-boot.

link Châu  

When have time please try Blender 2.90

link David Revoy Author,

Blender benchmark and 2.90 is probably the first thing I installed. I'm really enjoying Grease Pencil recently ^__^

link David Revoy Author,

Merci pour la bienveillance, je garde l'info même si −évidement− je compte ne faire tourner que GNU/Linux sur cette machine.

link David Revoy Author,

Thanks! Yes, I'll review it today after the artwork I have to do. I hope I'll have enough time left to write and add screenshots. If not, it will happen during the week-end.
About webtoons; I sent a copyright infringement notice to LINE, they redirected me to their Webtoon departement with a protocol of document/justification to attach. I did that almost two weeks ago, and no answer. Last monday, I wrote them they have to move quickly or I'll put the thing public on social media and blog on Monday 9.

link Luxen  

Joli ! Est-ce que tu as choisi un GPU AMD car ils sont plus faciles a utiliser que les Nvidia sous Linux ?

link David Revoy Author,

J'ai choisi AMD car ils sont open-source là ou Nvidia propose une boite noire.
"Plus facile" est un mythe: installer ROCm (le driver AMD) reste 10x plus technique que d'aller dans system source> driver et de cliquer sur les driver Nvidia. ; aussi c'est limité au version LTS pour les 'buntu.
Mais j'ai installé, et avec openCL, Blender fonctionne bien.

link No2Fan  

Well in that case you have my support :)

link Ümit  

Did the kitten come with the box? :D
Hope you enjoy it my friend.

link PO  

I thought/read that AMD drivers come with Kubuntu... Is there advantages in installing ROCm?

link David Revoy Author,

I was suprised too and thought that if a open-source driver existed; it would be merged into the distro.
But no; I saw here the same type of situation than with Nvidia and proprietary software. Without it; you have a Mesa with glitches and poor performances. Once installed the RocM; no more tiny glitches, and the OpenCL rendering option appeared on Blender to do rendering on the GPU in realtime. I saw also Davinci Resolve video editor needing this OpenCL option. For other parts of the machine; no idea about the improvement.

link Luxen  

Effectivement, c'est pas très user-friendly mais quand on aime l'open-source on ne compte pas les efforts ^^. En tout cas je ne connaissais pas ROCm, c'est bon à savoir. Merci !

link PO  

Thanks a lot! Good to know!

link Lynerlok  

C'est cool ! Ça devrait être une bonne config à mon avis !

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