Happy Halloween!

I wanted to speedpaint this evening the Spritely Family, their design feels halloweeny 🎃 to me. 🙂 https://spritelyproject.org/

(special launch offer on Pepper&Carrot books ends in 4h, 1144 books sold now! 👍)

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link Châu   - Reply

¡Very beautiful and extreme cute, great for poster too! One art critic: I think make light on character face and body brighter, light spiral is very bright and should reflect more light on object around it.

link Bohdan   - Reply

Nice Halloween atmosphere!
The amount of light reflections is good to me (look at the mushroom, for example). Though I am not an artist to judge.
And thinking of it, we can't exactly assume how light should reflect on Halloween's night in a magical universe ))

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Châu :D Yep, the amount of light is (probably) up to the taste of the artist while making the piece. I remember a chapter in Color and Light by James Gurney where it was about light sources emiting in all directions, very bright at core and fading quickly (eg. the light of a candle: white core, corona because in low setting, and low distance to spread a dark colored light). The core directly emit to the camera and get overexposed. All of that to say I'm not sure anything is correct or not in this case, really up to the design of the source of light and ambiance I was looking for. If you want to paint-over to show me how it would in your opinion look better, please do. That would be interesting to see and license on my work allows and encourage this type of constructive criticism. If it looks better, it will even be better for the Spritely project.

link Châu   - Reply

Happy I can help, I e mail my idea. Please tell me your idea about it.

James Gurney awesome artist and also he have cool video (behind pay wall 😭) show how he make dinosauria painting I wish can watch. But from his blog and other video I can understand his general method. But I dislike he not share stuff like you. 😉 That is why I like help you, you help every person.

link Auren Torres   - Reply


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