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I'm so happy for you. (The books are great. They feel that you made them with passion)

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You're the best.

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Congratulations! I bought a copy of the first volume, and it arrived a couple of days ago. It is excellent and very high quality. Your comic is an inspiration to me, both for your having stood by your free software principles, and also for you showing that free software can produce top-of-the-line quality works. Thanks for making Pepper&Carrot!

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On the "most selling" category at drivethrucomics your books are alredy top1-4. Maybe they stay there for years (-:

link Anonymouse   - Reply

I'm so happy! The books will make a wonderful present for myself. The artbook I already bought and am waiting on the other 3 now. I love that new book smell.

Thanks, David!

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This is really impressive, isn't it? In this day and (internet) age, selling this number of books in such a short time is quite a feat, especially considering that for three out of four books the stories are readily and legally (and even as open source) available on the internet (and most of the drawings of other book are scattered over this blog). Beyond that, what you also gained is the knowledge in how to publish a comic book using open source software exclusively. It should be much easier to release more books in the future.

So yeah, congrats!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks and true; I see already a lot of effort to help me to clean the book-publishing repository; so it should minimize the work load to publish book 4 when it will be the time. Thank you again a lot for the nice words and your support!

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