Where money goes?

Curious where the $16.50 on my self-published comic goes? I drew this illustration to explain so you get an idea about the costs.

Over the last week, I received many questions about this topic. So first, be sure to understand I'm not posting this to complain. Why? because having this type of earning in the traditional book industry would be a very high percent. I remember I had only around 10 cents per books or board game on my freelancer career as an illustrator before 2015. For sure, this earning is all relative to the distribution and the amount of book sold; and that's where a big publisher with their many connections (to do adv, to propose it on the shops and spread it at the scale of a country) can successfully pays the authors. For my own communication, I have only my social media account and your reshare, and while I'm writing this: 955 books sold! 🎉 thank-you-thank-you-thank-you! In this context, you can imagine how this book project will never replace the need of receiving patronage to produce and release the episode of Pepper&Carrot. So, what I'll do with this money? I used already the earning of the first 735 books sold to renew my computer (1100€ budget). I'll detail the config I bought in a future blog-post (after I received and test it).

I hope you liked to read this part of the backstage of the project and my transparency about it! https://www.davidrevoy.com/shop

License: "Where money goes?" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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