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777 Books sold since the release two weeks ago! Thank you! 🎉 I hope you'll get the geek joke.😇 My 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends on Saturday 31, in three days. Will it reach 1000? That would be amazing. Last chance to get them while they're cheap! https://www.davidrevoy.com/shop

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link Solver of IT riddles   - Reply

chmod 777 file_name :D

I didn't originally associate three sevens with access permissions. Your tip turned out to be useful: "I hope you'll get the geek joke".
Before it was easier: 404 not found.

link Luis   - Reply

I support you anonymous for a long time and i really dont want to hold somebody to buy your books. Just one thing burns on my tongue: I think that you earn only 1.5€ per book is some kind of insane. It feels so wrong that somebody learn a profession his whole life, then work 6 years on a brand like Pepper & Carrot and in the end there comes a POD-Company, who do nothing (you said you paid even for the proofing) and then they get > 90% of the sale, where they earn more then 10.000€ by now and you dont know if you can buy a new mid-class pc. And for what? Because they do printing and sending. Wow! From my site, i buy these books only if they going to support Pepper & Carrot as a Patron, or they are for me just dead-leechers of your work. Sorry.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey Luis. First thank you very much for your support! And I understand your reaction. That's also why I was hesitant to make a chart of "where the money goes" during the Special Launch.
I'll detail here a bit about the cost, taking example of the comic Book1 hardcover.
Final retailer price is $16.50 during special offer; $20 normal time.
What's in it:
$12.86 = "LightningSource" POD service for the paper+ink+print. This is managed by the group INGRAM press, DriveThruComics made a partnership with them to deleguate the POD part. Because DriveThruComics at origin is a shop for PDF and/or other digital content (that's why the PDF option is always on the top).
For the special offer; that leaves a benefit of $3.64.
35% of this ($1.274) goes to DriveThruComics; for their service, website, managing customer account, manage issues in case of non delivery, track deliveries, etc...
On this 2.366$ (~2€) I have to declare at minima 25% to my taxes in France. I'm an artist, and self-employed so I have a low percent on everything I earn.
Also a bit is lost into two transaction things: the payout from DriveThruComics using Paypal and the Dollar to Euro converting...
That's how I end up with a 1.5€ in my pocket solid number.
You have to know that earning this amount on a product in royalties is enormous in the way the actual publishing industry is made... It is just I need to sell many to transform that into getting money.
In my past, as an illustrator; I dealt with sometime 0.10cents per book or board games sold...
The books here was made mostly for the fan of the series. It's a service, it was missing. It's not a chicken with Golden egg, and patronage will be my first option to continue to live of doing comic.
The special offer certainly cut my benefits in half; but was a way to reward all long fans around the series. It also built for me a budget to change my PC (yay), and got me in "Best Seller", "Silver Seller" in drivethrucomics and the campaign built a nice celebration moment with community. Receiving photos of the books being delivered around the world is also highly rewarding on a personnal level of for pumping up my confidence on the future of the project.
So, do not hesitate! P.O.D does a wonderful work, $12 for maintaining this printers, changing ink, managing technical issue, packing, getting inventory...etc... This is hard work. Same for the guys of DriveThruComics who tries to make a comic service without DRM, for indie author and are mega ethical in their choices compared to horror like "Webtoon". I'm glad Pepper&Carrot does also contribute to offer to the men and woman working behind this services a living. That's why I took a big time selecting and be adviced to use this services.

link Luis   - Reply

Hello David,

thank you for you big explanation about the background. I feel a little bit shamed because iam sure it take you some time to write all this down. No i understand it better and it does not feel like i support a galactic empire instead of you.

Merci for all your work !

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, don't feel shamed at all; I also got this from brother-in-law, my mother, and I feel that you just point something that isn't really well explained.
While replying to you I could organise my mind about it and measure how useful it could be if I blog post about the financial aspect of the project, for full transparency.
I'm in progress to get a visual about it and a blog post for the evening.

link TappedOut   - Reply

I feel like Marginal returns are expect because the economy of scales really doesn't favor POD over a long-run print.

link Bohdan   - Reply

Now I know how I will explain chmod )) Thanks for nice illustration, David!

link Châu   - Reply

¡Linux Jock art! ¡Awesome!

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