Book project update: ebook available for free, print coming soon, final proofreading needed.

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Cover and backcover plates for the four books, ready for print.

On the last episode of my long print quest, I solved complex color printing issues thanks to a long study. It was in February. Then two things happened: the COVID19 worldwide pandemic (postal services frozen, bad time for new tests or release) and I wasn't happy with the 200 pages big book format anymore. I thought this big anthology of episodes would push me into a situation where it would be near to impossible to produce a "book 2" within the next 5 years.

So, I spent full July refactoring the project into three thinner books and I also discovered on the way I could collect sketches, speedpainting and illustration and do an Artbook. This one would use the cover I designed for the previous 200 pages big book. But to make this refactor and integrate the methods I learned from Minibooks, it was a lot of work to keep everything versioned, open-sources, dynamic (to switch language), automated by scripts, standardized with a fixed page numbers/prices for all and release all of that in both softcover and hardcover...a long long TODO list and a lot of data (20GB!).

The free ebooks

Yesterday, I reached one of the main milestone: I finished the work with Scribus, exported, launched my script and rendered four lightweight PDF 'ebook' (~17MB for each). I'm really happy about them. So I decided it was good time to party and share them with you, so you can take them with you on holidays if you have a tablet or anything that reads PDF:

(Links were updated, previous versions are all archived here.)

Printed book coming soon

First, the printed version is not ready yet. I even don't have one in my hands right now. The books should appear on the e-Shop page by the end of next month, September, if everything goes as planned. I still have a lot of work to receive the final printed proof, validate it, refactor the website eshop page, produce a video to show you the printed final and setup every product pages. Talking about the product page, the final price planned for any books will be the same:

  • Hardcover: 16.50$ per book.
  • Softcover: 11.95$ per book.

Both version will have same page count (72 pages), premium quality paper, glossy colorful cover and large size 8.5x11 inch size (~ 21,60x28 cm). Compared to all the time invested in it, I would probably need to sell over than 2500 books to start talking about benefits. So, I'll try to launch a sort of campaign for it to ask to break this number, with a meter I'll update and weekly blog-post to keep news. It will not be a crowdfunding nor a pre-sale campaign, just a regular sale with what-you-pay-is-whay-you-get. I hope you'll like this simple concept that I prefer over a classic crowdfunding. I'll give more details about it on next update.

Proofreading contribution

A last TODO before receiving the printed proof from my printer: I need a proofreading pass over these PDFs. I know my English is full of mistakes and that's why I'll need your help to proofread and report issues before I send this work to the printer. It's not about proofreading the webcomic pages (they have already a dedicated team working since years on that) but more for the other parts of the books: the intro, the ending notes, the descriptions of the artbook, etc... I'm planning to send the final files on mid-August, then receive the proof via postal way, validate it for production and then start the e-Shop page during September. So, thank you if you can help at improving the quality of this books! I opened yesterday a thread to collect and centralize your future feedbacks.

That's all! To finish, here are Scribus screenshot of the Artbook:

The double page about Hippiah school

A double page about Saffron and Magmah school but she has more: as for Shichimi and Coriander they have four pages.

Showing behind the scene thumbnails and sketches to make a cover