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While the printed book project is doing good progress, I started writing the next episode 34. It's not an easy scenario and it still require a lot of attention (but thanks to a solid proofread team, I'm also doing good progress here). The big outline of the scenario starts to appear: it will finally explore a bit more the land of Shichimi and her magic school. So, here is a screenshot while searching for how Wasabi −master of Shichimi− would look. It feels good to put back my hand on Krita after almost a full week of only pre-press work with Scribus/Imagemagick/Bash and writing in a world of Git/Markdown. I also adopted the new watercolor brushes made by Ramon Miranda built-in Krita 4.3.

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link raghukamath   - Reply

I like the hair accessory and also the water color wash. Nice design.

link Gand   - Reply

She seems to me too young to be a master.

link Sky   - Reply

I made myself the exact same reflection.

But, maybe her appearance is not related to her age :)

link Arlo James Barnes   - Reply

If her story is anything like Chicory's (https://davidrevoy.com/article737), founding a school may be something of a whirlwind process at least initially.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Yes, her young eternal appearance is special. I understand this will put a lot of question on her (that was also the first question from my wife). It will be explained in future episodes (and I'll need a pack of them to flesh Wasabi correctly in all her complexity).

link Châu   - Reply

「わさび」 I can make sign for her school if you need it.

link Anonymouse   - Reply

I love this design, and Shichimi is probably my favorite witch in the group.

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