Wasabi character design

While the printed book project is doing good progress, I started writing the next episode 34. It's not an easy scenario and it still require a lot of attention (but thanks to a solid proofread team, I'm also doing good progress here). The big outline of the scenario starts to appear: it will finally explore a bit more the land of Shichimi and her magic school. So, here is a screenshot while searching for how Wasabi −master of Shichimi− would look. It feels good to put back my hand on Krita after almost a full week of only pre-press work with Scribus/Imagemagick/Bash and writing in a world of Git/Markdown. I also adopted the new watercolor brushes made by Ramon Miranda built-in Krita 4.3.

License: "Wasabi character design" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
Tags:  #sketch   | Download: Markdown


link raghukamath  

I like the hair accessory and also the water color wash. Nice design.

link Gand  

She seems to me too young to be a master.

link Sky  

I made myself the exact same reflection.

But, maybe her appearance is not related to her age :)

link Arlo James Barnes  

If her story is anything like Chicory's (https://davidrevoy.com/article737), founding a school may be something of a whirlwind process at least initially.

link David Revoy Author,

Yes, her young eternal appearance is special. I understand this will put a lot of question on her (that was also the first question from my wife). It will be explained in future episodes (and I'll need a pack of them to flesh Wasabi correctly in all her complexity).

link Châu  

「わさび」 I can make sign for her school if you need it.

link Anonymouse  

I love this design, and Shichimi is probably my favorite witch in the group.

link Andreas  

How I can make this kind of background in Krita? It looks like a paper with texture. I like it very much.

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Andreas! Sorry for late reply, your comment was posted just one hour before the release and got eclipsed by it.
The paper texture is a simple sheet of paper I scan and put with a blending mode over a single color.
Here is a Krita file for you with the paper setting I made for this artwork, consider it public-domain:
Have fun doing art on it!

link Andreas  

Wow providing the texture is more then i expect. Thank you for your answer and sharing. I hope in the future i can provide something back via. patreon.

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