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Here is an illustration for Peertube done during today's Confin’atelier. Since I designed Sepia —the mascot of the project— I also wanted to try a rendering with more advanced shading and raster. The discussion about communication about Free/Libre Software was rich and I collected a lot of material for thought.

If you want to follow another good online events; I suggest you the Virtual Penguicon 2020 all day tomorrow.

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link Châu   - Reply

Very awesome character design. Love it this image. Thanks for create it.
You draw other art in Confin’atelier page? Look like your style.

I hope virtual/online conference become normal because no way I can go to many real conference (if have money) because problem get visa, find hotel, buy all ticket, waste many time go and return, no like local food (ha, ha, ha).

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