My favorite Krita keyboard shortcuts

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And here is a new video where I'm sharing eight keyboard shortcuts from my favorites; some of them are set by default, some other require the user to assign them manually. I'm showing how to setup them and speak why they became important for my workflow. This video exists to show to other user the flexibility of the custom keyboard shortcut and give them idea to visit this part of the software.

  1. The Selection Outline
  2. The Transformation Combo
  3. The Ultimate Shortcut
  4. Shadows and Light
  5. The Perfect Eraser
  6. Toggle layer visibility
  7. Opacity keys
  8. The glass of water or Reload Original Preset

The audio and sentences might feel 'cut' sometime; this is because I tried to condensate this eight chapter under 10 minute and avoid a big potatoe video as in the last one. I'm still learning a lot, thank you for your patience. The Kdenlive version I'm using is very pleasant to work on and that give me back confidence to polish the cut on the video and illustrate what I'm saying with mini sequence. Maybe soon a new drawing/painting related tutorial?


This video and its content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 to: David Revoy
Music by Frank Nora: New Age B interest (CC-0/PD) Published on 22 April 2020 Kubuntu Linux 19.10, Kdenlive 19.12.3, Krita 4.2.9

License: "My favorite Krita keyboard shortcuts" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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