Grown-up Saffron

Grown-up Saffron; (design/workflow test).

Edit: I'm adding here also my quick notes about the process: 5 steps, 3 layers, predictable and reproducible. I'll explore more with it, I like this simplicity.

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link Bill Meahan   - Reply

I can see it now. A spell goes horribly wrong and Pepper, Saffron, and Coriander find themselves as adults in an alternative (steampunk) universe. They must work together to find a way back home but there is much in this alternate universe that is strongly enticing, lessening the incentive to return. Still, click the ruby slippers together and repeat, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home...."

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Qualicity, the city of Coriander, already has many settings ready for a steampunk ambiant without needing an alternative universe travel. Especially when I'll show the technology reforms of Queen Coriander on the city. :D Thanks for your comment!

link Châu   - Reply

Here CGBoost Steampunk challenge contest.
Art there may be help give you ideas. If need help make Steampunk model use Blender I can help.

link Pip   - Reply

That's beautiful! The setting is a little hard for me to figure out, is she inside or outside?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you Pip! Yes, the background is a bit confusing on a design/story POV; sorry. I wanted to test something far away to see if I could solve painting with large stroke to create Depth of Field without adding later a destructive blur filter on details; but at same time I wanted to test emiting light sources (the fire/the windows). So, it's a big room "inside".

link Châu   - Reply

I think Krita need new layer blur effect like blur for vector object in Inkscape (or Blender compositor), not change art itself. This method let you draw art normal then use blur for background layer but not change art in that layer.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Oh, Krita has a non-destructive filter layer for Gaussian, Box and Lens blur (but true; not yet as far as I know the blur for the SVG vector layers). But I badly expressed myself: in painting, if one starts to detail an area then after they need to blur it, it produces a lost of time. Adding details cost a lot of time. The best way to be more efficient is to paint only what is necessary (it also creates better strokes with personnality for suggesting the shapes while filters produce dead digital effect). But to paint this effect; the effect needs anticipation really early on the process. That's what I tested here and it works fine.

link Anonymouse   - Reply

This is very nice. I love the mood.

link Mr. Suggestion   - Reply

Maybe one day you will prepare a video tutorial showing the full workflow with explanations. This will help people with less experience in Krita, understand each step in your workflow.
Of course, the tutorial can take place on a much easier image, so that you do not have to waste too much time preparing it.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Yes, I'm right now putting the workflow to maximum stress with trying to render episode 33 this way. So far, I takes a lot of time and I fall in many issue; I'm really evaluating how many greyscale I need to inject. Also, since recently, I had a bug that was resolved in Krita that might allows a new solution. I'll keep you informed!

link Jerry Corn   - Reply

Well, I have a question, monsieur Revoy. Please, tell us, can boys learn magic or not?
And if so, where and how do they study?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi Jerry,
Yes boys in Hereva can learn magic too; this is still an information not written in the webcomic or the wiki, so it is hard to tell with precision the details; but I imagine many male practiser of Hippiah working with crops in field and also many other on Magmah, cooking or working with metal. Ex-King of Qualicity (father of Coriander) also has probably a base eduction of Zombiah magic. Witchery in Hereva is probably culturally something more for women as a carreer, a passion and a role model in society (think about it as computer dev with a dominance of male in the 80s/90s). To study magic; this is how it get complex for them. Hard to integrate a school made exclusively of woman and girls to get more tips and reach mastery; that certainly keeps them low skilled and this reinforce the stereotype.

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

To add to David's point: the characters that we have seen have all been women / girls who are in the various schools, and we've only seen the inner workings of one particular school (Chaosah), and hinted at the number of participants in Hippiah. That said, Magic in Hereva is ubiquitous. Everyone in Hereva can do baseline magic. It's only the ones that focus their attention via schools that get better at magic. Perhaps the schools are better at attracting women candidates to take on deeper studies than men candidates. Perhaps this is also because all of the schools were started by women. Whatever the case there are still men who learn magic. Perhaps there were some in the Chaosah army before they got wiped out during the war?

One thing is clear though: there's no in-world reason why there couldn't be men in any of the schools. They just haven't been highlighted in any of the scenarios published thus far.

link Mona   - Reply

That's super-cute! Reminds me of Anne Shirley... If she were a witch.

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