Color Adjustements for digital-painting using Krita

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Color adjustement is one of my favorite step and it happens at the end of doing an artwork. In this video, I show my best recipes to fix my way Contrast, Color Balance and/or add some mood and art-direction to the artwork. It resulted in a long video, sorry about that; but I prefer to publish a 42min edited tutorial now than a 2h livestream where all this information are lost into longer pauses. I'll try to improve on the next videos!

Recorded and edited in April 2020 Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International: Attribution: David Revoy (Music: CC-0/Public Domain; "New Age B" by Frank Nora)

On screen: Krita 4.2.9appimage on Kubuntu 19.10 Video edited in Kdenlive 19.12.3appimage, recorded with O.B.S.


link Maria R  

Thanks for sharing this nice video! The G'MIC filters are a new discovery for me, can't wait to try them.

link Dalairen  

Comic "Need a hug" greys out on non-English pages. While there's no text in it, maybe you should give it "translation" to avoid false error appearance.

link David Revoy Author,

Ha, thank you for the report! I'll investigate. I already saw a page missing in [no], and right now I can't reproduce the gray rendering on other language, but I think it might be a bad RGB profile somewhere. If you can send me a screencopy with comparison on your side, I'll thank you for your time!

link David Revoy Author,

Oh, I get it now. You probably describe the grayed out thumbnail in the "webcomic" page with all the episodes. It shouldn't be like that for many language; mainly for translator who didn't translate this episode. Suomi and Spanish. Unfortunately; it's not true this episode have no text: they have a title, credits and I'm not enough qualified to translate this (I can for the French, a bit of maintainance for the English; but that's all on my side; all other part are community submitted). I need contributor for that. If you can help; I'll be happy!

link Dalairen  

From what I've checked, most part of credits is repeatable. And peoples (nick)names are not translated out of initial language provided - a perfect solution, actually. I use proprietary Illustrator and don't know how using it for translation would it impact on the comic mission even if noone else would know. But if it might be considered OK, I'll totally contribute.

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you. The software translators use for editing the SVGs is Inkscape; and it's a free/libre software (and for Mac/Windows too). You can get it on . If you are familiar with Illustrator and vector; then it will be super quick for you to understand how things work. In short, we have three layers: artwork (locked at the root) with a raster placeholder in low resolution of the page, to get a "what you see is what you get experience"; a middle layer with vector objects for speech-bubble shapes (tails and balloon are split; so it is easy to resize a balloon) and on top text object (all you need is just to double click the text object to edit them). The source for this episode is here: (the Lang Pack contains everything).

link Dalairen  

I tried Inkscape a while ago, so it won't be a problem.

link Dalairen  

Actually, someone did it before me.)

link David Revoy Author,

Ha! So that was for the Russian version, now I understand better. :D
Yes, @Navi, @Mishvanda and @gunchleoc took care about it on ; they also refactored all titles with a title artwork. This version has good care, that's great to see. Do not hesitate to post a bug report if you see obvious room for improvements.

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