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Video: demo of the Transcript feature paired with the plugin [Read Aloud]()

The translator of the Gàidhlig version of Pepper&Carrot, GunChleoc contributed to add a big feature for the website of Pepper&Carrot: the Transcript button. It's located on the header of each episodes (100% done for English, French, Deutsch and Gàidhlig) and once you press it, you'll get the text of any speech-bubble and sound effect (under each pages).

This allows, for example:

  • The usage of a text-to-speech feature on webbrowser, an accessibility improvement if you can't read a language.
  • The ability to copy/paste the line of a character or a full dialog to quickly quote a part of Pepper&Carrot.
  • A way to grab all the text data of an episode and collaborate on a translation via a collaborative text pad.
  • An access to a Dictionary button to get a quick click on a word and check its definition.

That's something I never saw on a webcomic before. I'm really happy about this.

The dictionary button allows to check a word: here clicking the word 'Dungeon'

On the technical side, it was a very big task, involving complex scripts to extract texts from our sources files and transform them into something easy to generate, to edit and to read on the website and GunChleoc spent a lot of time and effort on it. To put this feature on the website, it was also necessary to import new 'NAVIGATION keys' in the translation of the website. You can find the lang source file here in case you can help to maintain the translation. If you want to add the Transcript support to a full translation of Pepper&Carrot; you can follow the Transcript documentation. It has all the information to use the script and automatize a big part of the process.

If you are more curious about the Transcript feature, the scripts behind it or for exploring it on more technical level; I suggest to start by the issue #132 "Feature idea: extract text" where all started four month ago.

For playing with the feature:

License: "The Transcript button" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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