Podcasts interviews for Librelounge and Le Libre Au Quotidien

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Over the last month I had the honor to be invited to two podcasts:

The first one (in English) was recorded by the Libre Lounge hosts: Christopher Lemmer Webber and Serge Wroclawski. I really like their podcast and I'm a listener of the show that I follow on Mastodon. I recommend all Free/Libre and Open-Source software enthusiast to listen to the previous episodes. You'll find my interview here:
→ Listen to the interview here

Le Libre Au Quotidien:
The second one (in French) was recorded by the young host of Le Libre Au Quotidien for his first podcast show. I met him at Capitole du Libre and I was very impressed by his passion for the Free/Libre world. I was really honored to be his number one invited for his new Podcast and I wish his show a long life:
→ Écouter l'interview ici