Speedpainting Timelapse

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Here is the timelapse video of a speedpainting I posted recently. I recorded this one to study it personnaly: I'm not really happy with the process (eg. the tweak of the proportion and the eyes at the end that shows my base drawing wasn't good enough). So that's why it wasn't supposed to be online at first but I was really encouraged by your comments. At the end, I'm happy to show it and do a bit activity on the Youtube channel. It will be soon on the Peertube instance managed by the team Touhoppai.

Funny detail: the video editing was done using only command line and ffmpeg, because I wanted to see if I can automate this type of video. For more credits and info, look at the last screen at the end of the video.

License: "Speedpainting Timelapse" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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