Black Hole

An illustration about Chicory while discovering the Chaosah Black Hole. She is a young witch who founded Chaosah magic decades before the main story of Pepper&Carrot.

"She was a curious witch, and loved to tinker with magic. One night she was playing around and happened upon the "Chaosah Black Hole" spell (which is a signature spell for all Chaosah witches). She named her magic "Chaosah" because she felt she was channeling the chaos of Hereva in order to perform her magical incantations. Her discoveries caught the attention of other like-minded witches and she taught them what she had learned. Eventually more students arrived and Chicory found herself spending every waking moment teaching students."

...sample from The Pepper&Carrot Wiki wrote by Craig Maloney

I'm still testing new Krita brushes (click on the artwork for full 3K width resolution). I'm also testing a new workflow for rendering better artwork. By better I mean my taste of the moment shifted to more traditionnal oil painting texture and a focus on light, shading, almost raytracing from imagination. I find a real pleasure at that. I rendered this old sketch of Chicory as a test to play with that. This sketch with no background, a single strong point light appeared to be what I needed.

Once I'll feel more confident with this techniques; I'll use them to finish the cover of the book project (still in work in progress because I wasn't happy with the brush work and flat texture) and also to design a story for episode 31 that take advantage of this type of rendering maybe.

Screenshot with details and Krita (click to enlarge)

License: "Black Hole" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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