I'm experimenting with Krita brush settings. Click on the picture for full resolution (3.2K pixels large).

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link leoshnoire   - Reply

This is such a good Pepper! Awesome stuff as always!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you!

link Marcd   - Reply

I would very much like to see a video of you speedpainting a portrait of Pepper.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey! I recorded it; but the process was a bit of a chaos and I had to re-adjust my workflow many time. I'll try to learn how to master this technique; so many things are new (new brush, but also new approach). Also, I'm ashame but I painted it all along with Pepper looking like very cross-eyed and more anatomy problems (the distance between the eyes was too high). I had to solve all of that at the end of the process (fortunately I saw it!) with liquify and moving elements around. So, the process looks really goofy and the result a happy accident. I'm not even sure to can reproduce it, to be fair. I'll work on it!

link Marcd   - Reply

Fascinating, thanks for the insight. You know stuff like that often makes the process much more interesting to watch. Maybe you could post a timelapse of the work, which is what I meant in the first place (but forgot to mention). Or do another as you prefer. ;)

I really like her look in this painting. It's different somehow. I think the way you fixed her eyes added some depth to her gaze. And yes she looks a little bit older, which I also like.

And by the way... thanks for all your very generous sharing!

link Kees Commandeur   - Reply

Endresult is beautiful. She looks older here than usual, more mature.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you. yes, easily over 18 on this test. Not like on the comic where she is 15 at episode "the Bday party" and then probably grow to 16 along the episodes.

link Marius   - Reply

I want this in a frame!

link davdav   - Reply


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