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A panel from page 2, episode 26 of Pepper&Carrot.
I thought it was a good illustration for optical fiber.
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As you might remember, I moved a year ago into a new house at country side... but I also inherited with it a very slow DSL internet connection. You know; the type of connexion where only a single device can watch a 720p video at home (with interuptions and blocky video artifact of course) and where uploading a couple of photos could take up to 30 minutes!... But after a year and a lot of work, this period is over for me because I have now optical fiber!

Screenshot from the website Speedtest

Why a blog post for this? For a reminder, the slow connection transition had a lot of impact: it made me cancel my livestream and any video-chat for conferences because I couldn't even do a 640x480 stream with my connection. My video tutorial channel suffered a lot from it too: the production slowed this year and it is not really a surprise when videos took me over five hours to upload while freezing the full network at home. Pepper&Carrot release (around 2GB of files) and the upload of the renderfarm for the over fourty translations existing were also difficult to schedule. All in all, I don't want to pull all the blame for my low productivity this year into this ex-slow DSL -that would be dishonnest- but it had for sure a big impact on reducing my possibilities, energies and motivations. So it feels very good to think of this limitations as something of the past, and I wanted to share that news with you.

Also, in other news, new Episode 30 "Need a hug" will be posted next week. ;-)

Special thanks to the technician who helped me this morning passing the cable at home: good job again! Also thanks to a friend who helped me cleaning pipes underground last week-end.

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link Rami Sohuji   - Reply

Well , 1300 KB is the fastest ever ashived and 200 KB upload , seeing net speed making world happy kinda show me how their still hope on earth

link Vulphere   - Reply

Yay, I hope that optical fibre connection would be able to maximise your productivity :)

link Dirk   - Reply

*Wow* These are numbers.
Back in 1996 we startet with a 14kbps-Modem and downloading a 3 Minutes-Song tooks You nearly a eternety :)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Lucky you for having Internet in 1996! I had first one at home with an already 56kbps around 1998/1999 and with a limitation of less than 1h per day (a budget that was very luxuous already). Yes, I remember the slow downloads, even for artworks!

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