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Hello! It's already the end of the summer 2019 and so here's the episode that kept me busy during all this summer. Because it's episode 30, it's a silent episode (like all the episodes rounded to five: 5,10,15,20 and 25 ... a tradition and an artistic constraint I'm keeping on the project). It's also an episode that focus a bit on Carrot and takes a deeper look at the evenings in Pepper's house. I hope you'll like it!

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Oh Carrot - How clever you are.... :D

link Kees Commandeur   - Reply

Your particular way of drawing and the subjects of your art always inspires me and makes me smile.

link Anonymous   - Reply

Carrot, you're genius. Need machine like this. Or I'm gonna pay for getting hugs.

link Jane   - Reply

Aww, Carrot just wanted some loves! 😀

link Vulphere   - Reply

Carrot is just... brilliant!

link yeKcim   - Reply

A Russell teapot moon! 😍

link Wolfram   - Reply

Chacun(e) has besoin de caresses, c'est trop vrai ;-P

Everybody needs some tenderness, that's too true ;-P

link Vinay   - Reply

So nice. We all need cuddles every now and then. I trust from now on, Carrot will never ever eat a mouse again!

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Great. These silent episodes are always fun. I always feel like I pay more attention to all their facial features and environment when there are no words.

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Oh sweet little Carrot! You reminded me that my own red kitty needs a hug and for that you have his purrrest thanks :)

Jokes aside, David, I absolutely love the attention you pay to the slightest details - every time I re-read Pepper and Carrot (and I do it at least once a month, all the episodes) I find something I haven't noticed before. And I do hope one day we'll find out how Carrot met his little mouse friend ;)

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I keep laughing at this episode. This is the funniest episode to date! I remember Carrot drinking Pepper's Potion of Genius in Episode 2 and now we see upfront the direct results of the potion. Carrot is a genius! (Ok, I know he had his brilliant moments in the past, but this is his most genius so far.) Thanks for reminding me that my cat needs a hug too. Cheers!

P.S. Cats have a knack for ruining whatever it is you are intensely focused on (i.e. walking on your keyboards or paper notebook)

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Having just discovered this comic, I was truly enraptured by its artistic quality, the characters, the story lines, the dialogue, the backgrounds, the coloring, the framing; in a word everything. Each panel is akin to a work of art and the detail in each is remarkable. I have definitely bookmarked this comic for future reading. Best of luck with it.

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This is a very powerful magic! The wheel with the mice spins clockwise, so the white wheel should spin counterclockwise, and betray this direction to the big wheel. But in this case, gloves would rub Carrots the wrong way, contra hair.

link Thorin Schmidt   - Reply

Maybe it's a da Vinci contrivance to keep other cats from copying the design.

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Uhmm...was the moon always have been a teapot or was I just blind the entire time just seeing it now?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi Tofei, you can see the teapot here and there on previous episodes starting on the episode 4. But more often we see the three moons, Hereva has a system with 4 moons so the sky is often busy with a teapot moon around or three rarely aligned. They are described on the wiki: https://www.peppercarrot.com/en/static8/wiki&page=Places

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What amazes me about your comics is that how you can tell such sweet and important stories in just a few panels. Everyone needs comfort and affection now and then, especially in this ever increasing sick world. I always look forward to a new story and I hope to get my fantasy comic starting. Thanks again and peace.

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No offense ('cos luv the comic)... but I don't believe a comic published every 3 months is going to "change the comic book industry". Maybe time for a new tag line.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks for loving it. You know, I'm working full time on Pepper&Carrot (including week-ends) since years and the comic page production is only the tip of the P&C iceberg. I aknowledge the slow releases of new episodes are frustrating for the fans and readers, sorry. It is frustrating for me too! The release became slower because the technical challenge and ambition are higher: more pages, more complex stories, higher resolution graphics, more standards to respect to collaborate with translation and automation, more derivations, more infrigements to manage, more upstream issue/bugs in my software, more community moderation, more conferences/talks/signing sessions and more maintainance too... The fact that I keep moving forward even as slowly as a single episode every three months on the last years is an accomplishement! I hope you'll understand. If you have a suggestion on how to speedup the process, I'll be happy to welcome you on board to discuss about it. If not, thank you for your patience and keeping around.
(PS: I'll not change the tag line: I already contributed to change the industry on so many points. Look how the whole things moved since the last 5 little years only. That's promising for the next 5 years!)

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It usually takes 10 years for a change to really be noticed in any industry. Look at how long Rust, Python, and other languages have taken from their initial release in order to become industry-changing.

One does not change a culture overnight.

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What is orange and talk like a parrot ? ... Carrot !
He is a genius, he reminds me of my cat that I should hug more often !

I love your comics they are so great to read, with their warm colours and so many details.
Keep drawing and imaging that, it is my pleasure of the season !

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you Parrot! :-)

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We need more episodes!!

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