Spring open-movie: character design and concept-art

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Spring: video of the full short movie (CC-By 4.0, blender.org)

At the end of 2017, I had the honnor to work for the Blender Foundation(again). They wanted to make another open-movie this time directed by Andy Goralczyk and named "Spring". For more introduction about how I met the project and how I worked with Andy; read this previous blog-post about our pre-production week together.

This afternoon was the premiere of Spring on Youtube (video on top) and that's why I wanted to make a new blog post to share it. Congratz to all the team of Spring for all the work done on all this period! Also, thank you to all subscriber on Blender Cloud who made this short financially possible by your subscription. Sources files, tutorials, making-of about Spring are bonuses for the Blender cloud subscriber here: https://cloud.blender.org/p/spring.

Full concept-art gallery:

The picture were painted using Krita and are linked to their full-resolution(click to enlarge). They are licensed under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. (attribution to "David Revoy, blender.org").

The first speedpainting I did after reading the scenario, you can see a video timelapse about this one here.

The pillar scene in the wood.

A paint-over one of the early 3D model.

Character design.

Full 2D color rendering of the character design.

Model-Sheet for Spring.

Model-Sheet for Autumn.

Expression sheet for Spring (A)

Expression sheet for Spring (B)

Concept canceled during production:

A scene of the movie was cut just before starting the production. It was an introduction scene about Spring waking-up in her house with her dog. But I made artworks about this parts because this scenes were still around when I was doing the concept art:

The house of Spring, the setup in the mountains and the waterfall of chime.

The interior of the house; for a wake-up scene.

Paint over a 3D model, you can a video of the process here.

Spring after wake-up discovering the winter in the valley

A first scene before an old Spring goes to sleep (before getting reborn).

Very first doodles and sketches(watercolor) of the wake-up scene