Production report: Pepper&Beetroot, the dog refactor

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Edit: April Fool! Thank you for all your feedback, that was funny! Of course, nothing in this article is serious and Carrot will never be replaced.

On the bug report of the free/libre and open-source webcomic project Pepper&Carrot, we had this long standing bug around: "Issue #06: Having a cat is too cliché for a witch". As the author and maintainer, it was very hard for me to accept this issue and I tried at first to protect Carrot. But after long debates and interesting arguments with the community, the idea grew in me and I decided to refactor the project and replace Carrot in every panels for a dog. We named him Beetroot and I designed him to not be too cute (to also avoid the cliché of the "cute pet dog") and his colors were inspired directly by the beetroots.

The refactoring started last week in the branch beetroot-refactor-all on Framagit and this project will take approximately four months to replace all appearance of Carrot for Beetroot. You can see the visual under of the first panels refactored. I hope you'll like him better than Carrot! Let me know in the comments bellow!