Timelapse video: "Flight of Spring"

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It took me time to derush the eight hours of videos recorded during the creation of the illustration "Flight of Spring", but here is the result. I added caption on the corner to comment the key steps. I hope you'll like this editing!

Music: Sabae Sunrise by Fabian Measures, cc-by (listen full album here). Video edited with Kdenlive 18.12~appimage on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 18.04.

It will be soon mirrored on Peertube here: https://peertube.touhoppai.moe/ (thanks Touhoppai team!).

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David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com, .
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link Greg Marlin   - Reply

I would love to see the full 8 hours - super helpful for new artists to see the sizes / brushes etc selected and how you do what you do at speed. This is still really awesome though :) thank you for sharing!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you for the feedback!

link Skyler Hoeft   - Reply

This is great! One question I had was about the perspective overlay. Is that a couple perspective assistant tools layered over each other?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi, thanks!
No, I'm not using perpsective assistant because:
1. the tracing of the grid tends to make Krita slow
2. with the current design you can't limit the grid a panel (in a comic page situation)
So, I just took Inkscape and made big 1px width lines of stars on 4000x4000px document and I import them as layer to build quicker manually perspective grid.

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