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Photo: Me during a signing session at Japan-Impact in 2018, CC-By.

For the one living in the south of France; I'll be at Caramanga 2019 on Saturday 9 March (next week, during the afternoon). Caramanga is a free event for the lovers of Anime and Manga in the city of Caraman. You'll find me on the booth of the Touhoppai team and if you have a Pepper&Carrot comic with you, I'll be happy to draw something on it for you. Touhoppai is the team behind the French dubbing of Pepper&Carrot motion-comic done by the Morevna team, they also dubbed Sintel and host all my video tutorials. You'll find this videos quickly on their Peertube server. The event is not so far of my home and I hope to meet some of my (local?) readers at this event.


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