Flight of Spring

It is soon spring and I have the first flowers growing in the garden. It feels good! This artwork is at origin a very wide 7578x2922 pixels artwork (picture under). I designed it to update the wide cover pictures on the website and on social-networks as well. I cropped it for the web because I can predict all the auto-crop algorythm will only crop the center of the picture and the resulting thumbnail will be weak and unactractive. The scene is supposed to just express the main theme of Pepper&Carrot: good mood, nature, a witch and her cat. You can download all the sources (Krita file with layers) and version for printing for free on the Source page of Pepper&Carrot website.

The original wide and extended version

In my previous blog post, I mentioned I was doing researches to improve my drawing and painting process for the future episode 29. My taste shifted a bit recently: at episode 28 I was really into the painterly lines but now I'm more and more interested into a rendering style that expose the backstage of the artwork: the line-art. So I need a coloring style that work well with my new lines. The previous test (a single character design) was promising for my research; but it wasn't really a complex scene. I made a mistake in November; the fan-art of Popoi I posted on social-networks was meant to be the rendering style I was targeting for episode 28 of Pepper&Carrot. The speedpainting was quick to do and it gave me a false feedback when I adapted the workflow to a full episode. A real test needs everything: perspective, background, characters, a composition and more work on the ambiant of the scene and shading... and that's how I decided to spend the last two days on this illustration 'Flight of Spring'. My workflow is now ready and is in my opinion clean enough and predictible to also share: I recorded a video of the whole process and a commented making-of video will surely follow (as soon as I find time to edit the video rush).

License: "Flight of Spring" by witch, cat, spring, valley, krita, paint, digital, illustration, coloring − CC-BY 4.0
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