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Here is a character design I had in my sketchbook. I like this type of small and chubby characters we could see on the old-school RPGs on consoles; they had this specific design with big shapes to be still iconic with the constrain of low resolution and low color palette. I tried to depict that type of character, a sort of hybrid between force and magic. By the way, the hammer is magical and doesn't weight anything (that's how artists justifies bad management of weight in their drawings... mea culpa :P ).

I decided to color this sketch to test my inking and coloring process before the production of the next episode of Pepper&Carrot. I'm trying to improve. I'll write certainly more about the details later.

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link OscarLeif   - Reply

So this character looks likes pepper.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hehe, I thought the bigger nose, body shape and thick eyebrows would help to differenciate; but if you feel this way then a part of it is true. I'll keep in mind in the future to add more specifics features for my new characters. Thank you for the feedback.

link Kamiko   - Reply

I love these old rpg-s with chubby chars <3 You're very good with this "traditional media" feeling of your art - great job.

I tried a complete character design this month (face, hair, clothes...) - I'm not entirely happy with the result (you can see that I'm very weak with inking), but I'm happy I tried my best:

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thank you for your nice words!
Your character looks good and transmit well all a very personal world and ambiant.
Don't worry about your line-art; I can read the shapes easily, and the lines are clean.
The part a bit weak in the volumes are around his crossed belt. Making this cross of flat leather with the decoration following the perspective cage of the hips is tricky :) Keep doing your best and sharing your art!

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