Websites update «The Big Merge»

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Ten days ago, I woke up with both of my blogs ( and dying under thousands of spams (comment section) on both of them... a sunday morning... yay... I then decided to put in high priority a cleaning of all my articles published here since 2006 and update the CMS PluXML I was using on both. With over 485 articles and over 8000 comments it wasn't easy and I worked hard every days to update both of my two blogs... into this single one.

What's new:

  1. A table of content for my brushes/tutorials/extras.
  2. [A portfolio]( "A portfolio" ) with my best artworks proposed in very high-resolution.
  3. Three choices of RSS to follow all, the webcomics or the tutorials.
  4. A footer at the end of all pages proposes to filter my post by licenses.
  5. I added more than 10 tutorials posted previously only on Patreon or on Youtube.
  6. I worked for a compatibility with phones/tablets/computers.
  7. I added a special page to detail the available options to patron my work.
  8. Pepper&Carrot website was a bit simplified (a good thing).

If you want to know more; check this issue on Framagit with all details.

( PS: If you received this message via your RSS along a lot of notifications of unread articles, sorry about that it is a side effect of updating the database. Also, if you followed the RSS of the comments, the adress has changed: check the new RSS adress here.)

License: "Websites update «The Big Merge»" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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