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For the DVD Blend&Paint ( page on the Blender e-shop ) , I wanted to have on the screen a feedback of what I'm doing with the keyboard while recording. I was fortunate to find the software 'Keymon' ( for Linux ) that immediately suited my needs. But, I wanted to tweak it because I didn't liked the Gfx aspect.

Of course, the developpers developped a theme system ( 4 theme come preinstalled ). The things I did is to modify one of them ; easier than to start from scratch a new one ; I changed the 'modern' one. The mouse icon is based on Faenza icon set. Here another preview screenshot :

2011 04 keymon 02 net

Download :

You can download the archive here : data/documents/

Install :

I just didn't found a way to create my own theme folder because the Gui didn't show it in the 'preferences' panel , so I customized one of the 4 default theme "modern" to do my customization. Copy with right-permission the folder inside the archive over this one :


This will overwrite the original 'modern' theme

License : GNU GPL v3 to respect the Faenza license.

(Ps: if anyone know how to transform it into a independent theme, use the comments to give your tips and links, I would be happy to update this page and submit this theme to the Keymon developpers )

License: "Keymon custom theme" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0with additional custom rules mentioned at the end of the article.
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