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Yesterday, Pablo Vasquez aka VenomGfx ( ) did a full checking of the *.ISO file of my workshop DVD "Blend & Paint" ( page on the Blender e-shop ) and this last checking makes the DVD " final final final ". Good news ! Now , DVD go for print and delivery , should be soon in the first customers mail box ( thanks for your patience during this presale period ).

Main artworks : "Mission"

Another update today to show you the artworks done on the DVD. As already explained on the various description of the DVD , the course is mainly around this illustration, I took around 15h to do it , but between video crops and acceleration in the DVD , the video lenght about is just around 2h30. This illustration is an improvisation, I just wanted at start to have all this ingredients :

  • A main vehicle for the theme and the central point of the illustration
  • Organic objects ( trees / humans ) and solid objects ( building / architectures )
  • A clean setup for foreground / middle ground / background
  • A sci-fi style , but not post-apocalyptic ; I wanted something more colorful and optimistic

Bonus artworks

As in my previous DVD , I recorded bonus videos around 2 other type of artworks done with the same method, same workflow, and same settings. It's a good way to demonstrate the proof of concept of the Blend&Paint course content :)
This videos are uncommented and accelerated , and represent a bit more than 1h30 of additional videos.

Concept art : "Vaisseau"

The real recording time of this artwork is around 2h30 ; I start on the video from a simple idea : to clean a concept art sketch already done on my sketchbook to do a better and stronger concept art artwork with clean pespective and paint textures ideas. A paint-over workflow for this is ideal , because I also introduce very fast by the exemple how you can grab the 3D model front/side/top view ( here only side on the bottom right of the concept-art ) to create a speed exact model sheet for the future 3D artist into a production. Just a fast , clean and efficient method in my opinion.

Speedpainting : "Secret passage"

The real recording time of this artwork is around 2h30 too , it's a free improvised speedpainting done with a paint-over workflow. Just to show you can go creative and do other style than solid volumes ( as in sci-fi ) but also do perspectives of more fantasy / organic / natural setups.


All this 3 illustrations are in the CC-By license ;
Attribution :
David REVOY |
Blender Foundation |

License: "Blend&Paint Artworks" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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