Derivation: Pepper&Carrot Mini by Nartance

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Pepper&Carrot mini is a derivative webcomic of the Pepper&Carrot official. The story and artworks are made by Nartance who has also been contributing for years to the episodes, proof-reading and helping with the French translations. Nartance also wrote three long stories in French, hosted on the scenario repository (but this deserves its own entry on the blog, stay tuned).

Nartance works with Free/Libre Open Source Software: Krita and Inkscape, and you can also contribute to Pepper&Carrot Mini by translating via the dedicated Framagit repo. More information about Nartance on his profile on deviantArt, where you can also follow Pepper&Carrot Mini (and also on Mastodon or Twitter.)

→ Read all the episodes here ←

License: "Derivation: Pepper&Carrot Mini by Nartance" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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1 comment

link Alex Yst  

Hey, it's Pepper&Carrot Mini! This comic seems to be partly a potential behind-the-scenes look at some Pepper&Carrot episodes and jokes based on Pepper&Carrot's characters. It's a great combination of funny and cute.

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