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After a long time, here is episode 28, the second part of the trilogy of the Coronation of Coriander. It took me a long time to produce this one (thank you for your patience) and believe me; I'm working full time on it since half November 2018.

I'm not someone in real life used to be very active on party and I like the bench in the dark, outside, hearing the music and people having fun from distance. I probably spent myself a lot of time thinking this way during parties. That's a place I like and I hope the one who also like this moments will find that in this episode. This episode resolves all the jealousy Pepper had about her friends and brings more story background in a subtle way; we meet Shichimi's school (and first appearance of Wasabi, her master and a character I want to reuse later), it gives a glimpse of what Coriander will have to manage, and also introduce the new personality of Saffron-superstar. This episode also erases the last bit of shame Pepper had about her own magic family. Pepper really evolved a lot and now she is ready to be a powerful witch of Chaosah:) I like when resolving of stories happens not after a fight, but when characters just change their point-of-view.

I hope you liked this episode 28; let's production of ep29 start! Thanks again to all translators, contributors and patrons to let me draw Pepper&Carrot!

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Wasabi... This comic has the best names!!

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Great story and a great moral. In life, we tend to envy the riches and social positions of others, without realizing that they too have personal problems and wish to get away from it all. It is not wealth or status that is important, but true friends and relationships. In this world where fame and money are put above all else, we forget that true human relationships and love and kindness are that matters.

Thanks for a great short, but important story.

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Great work David! I enjoy the detailed art and the moral lessons that you put forward through your comics!

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Es muy conmovedor, casi lloro, en serio :,)

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When I first saw Pepper&Carrot this was love from the first sight. This haven't changed since then, this comic is lovely, unpredictable, exceptionally well drawn and, most importantly for me, very heartwarming and touching. In the modern times of superheroes, supermodels, super-everything it's a refreshing change to watch Pepper on her life's journey. Every time a new episode comes out I'm again amazed by David's talent at not only creating outstanding graphics, but also stories and characters that I can feel for.

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Great. This really resonated with me when it comes to parties and a "grass is greener on the other side" type of mindset. Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up.

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Great job Deevad ^_^ it is always a pleasure to work with you on this webcomic: nice art, nice people, nice story! :D

I like the message behind this one. I see a lot of people complaining about what they don't have, instead of opening their eyes to see what they actually have.
It is also cool that Coriander situation changes, but she's still the same person :-) I am looking forward to see the final episode, with all these characters in the same room and possible interactions. It'll be interesting for sure :D

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Beautiful artwork as usual, love the panel with Coriander and Pepper with bokeh effect, lol. The story is great, too. Bravo!

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Great, as always ; we ( me and my daughters) are happy to follow this webcomic, waiting for a third book :-)
I particularly really appreciated the fireworks .gif , it gives an idea of what it should be in anime, with that brushstroke of yours.
Keep it up !

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Now only if there is a easy way to animate ray of lights with sparkles for the first two frames - It would be fantastic!

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So cute. And animated too :O

link Jorge   - Reply

This chapter felt especially beautiful and moving.
Thank you!

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So cute.
After this episode i want to draw new fanart!

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Such a lovely episode!

By the way, does Pepper look a bit older, or is it just me? Is it just because she's sad or is it intentional, because time has passed since the first episodes?

Anyway... I thought you demonstrated very well the feeling that drives someone to the bench outside a party, and the feeling you have when you sit out there and hear everyone else having fun. I mean that both story-wise and (perhaps even more) artistically. Really well done.

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By the way - I think the fifth panel (with "Une immense fête avec toutes les écoles de magie, et des centaines d'invités prestigieux venus de tout Hereva") would make a great wallpaper.

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un super épisode, un de mes préférés je pense ! en terme d'histoire, et aussi la beauté des dessins. Super travail David !

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Keep up the good work. I'm glad that you always put quality before quantity. As a result your work is truly amazing.

Just a note: In the Pepper & Carrot wiki it says "Since Pepper had very little money and no living relatives, it only took a little prodding for the villagers to help erect Pepper a house in the forest of Squirrel's End."

That particular spot must be the site of the previous Chaosah school, however, because Pepper found the Chaosah witches' buried mistakes there. Should this be added to the wiki?

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

You're right. It makes more sense this way. I have some ideas of what to change to make this work, since the timeline will need a little massaging.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Well that was nice.

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Great work David! Loving this so much. Shichimi is my favorite witch!

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Aww this is special. Certainly one of my favorite strips.

Hope you upload the line works!

link Barb   - Reply

Oh, on the 24th of January it was my birthday and the new part of my favorite comix was added! It is so cool.
I am very happy that Pepper loves her godmothers and realizes that even if she hasn't done something special yet she has a wonderful life!

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I think Russian translation was made by Google translate or something. It's atrocious :-\

Love the episode!

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Hi! I received it from a new translator yesterday and because I can't re-read it I had to trust the quality.
I'll report your comment to the translator here: https://framagit.org/peppercarrot/webcomics/issues/95
Feel free to join and help to make it better; sorry for the atrocious entertainement ; I'll remove the translation if someone else can comfirm (by security).

link Deevad Author, - Reply

Thanks again for your comments. After confirmation, I decided to remove it.

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It's still a fight. It just doesn't involve physical. 😁

link Alex Yst   - Reply

I think we could all use a little more appreciation for what we have. I know I could, anyway. There's a lot that'll always suck, but we usually take the good things for granted, writing them off and forgetting we have them.

link Zveryok   - Reply

Yay, russian translation in back! :D

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Traduccion al Mexicano? No sera Espanish? XDXDXDXD LOL

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Do the characters have a specific nationality the represent? The only reason I ask is because Shichimi seems to be wearing a kimono, which as you likely know is a Japanese garment. Amazing episode as always! I'm actually pretty surprised Saffron hangs out with these guys and considers them friends honestly...

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi Aiichiro Nitori, thank you for the good question. The characters does not represents any nationality, but you guessed right: they are collage of concept from our world and it's true for Shichimi she wear what I would call Asian ceremonial inspired clothes that are inspired by what a foreigner like me enjoyed aesthetically about Japanese culture. It inspired me exotism and mysterious rituals. The major concept that breaks this stereotype for her is her bright blond and pink eyes appearance, her nomad habits and very independant nature, and the desertic place (but still green, just not a lot of trees) she live in. You can read more and look at an artwork of her place in the "Temple of Ah" on the wiki: https://www.peppercarrot.com/en/static8/wiki&page=Places .

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Bonjour David !

Je me permets de te tutoyer (et seulement parce que l'occasion s'en présente !)

Enfin bref, je voulais te dire que ton histoire ne manque jamais de me faire sourire et d'éclairer mes journées. L'innocence et la candeur de ton univers est un vrai régal à lire.
Que d'optimisme et c'est que du bonheur :)

En plus de l'histoire, ce que je trouve particulièrement admirable c'est la philosophie que tu pratiques : des outils que tu utilises jusqu'au savoir que tu partages, tes actions ont eu un profond impact sur la façon dont je considère mes dessins et quelles valeurs je veux transmettre.

Là où un jour, je n'aurais pas hésiter à prendre sans rien donner en échange, aujourd'hui je prend plaisir à partager mes propres connaissances à qui veut bien l'entendre.
Mais je ne mentirais pas, bien sûr que j'espère un jour vivre de ma passion et pourquoi pas avoir une fanbase conséquente.
Pourtant, tout cela vient second à mon désir de créer et de dessiner. J'espère qu'un jour je pourrais te montrer une page de comic... une fois le script terminé. (Je n'ai absolument aucune idée du temps que je devrais y consacrer, pour être honnête. 5 heures semble tellement 'trop' pour une seule page)

En tout cas, je te souhaite une bonne continuation pour la suite,

A une prochaine fois !

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