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The publisher Ar Gripi published a printed version of Pepper&Carrot in the Breton language (Brezhoneg) spoken in Brittany ( a cultural region in the north-west of France ). This printed version was possible thanks to the efforts of the translator Stefan Carpentier and regional sponsoring. You can also start to read Pepper&Carrot in Breton online today on the Pepper&Carrot website. Stephan always releases his translations as Creative Commons and actively contribute to maintain new episodes. The size of the book is smaller than the version printed by Glénat (this one is a 16x24cm book) and it has a soft-cover and glossy paper with rich colors. The book contains the first ten episodes, 72 pages for a public price of 12€. You can find it on the catalog of the publisher, or on the e-shop here.

Photos inside the Breton version: the paper is thick but no hard cover, you can bend the page in your hands
and that adds a little comfort for reading, it's easy to handle (click to enlarge)

Photos of the inside of the Breton version: deep and glossy colors, it looks very good. ( click to enlarge )_

_Size comparison (click to enlarge) : Glénat book with hard-cover on the left, Ar Gripi on the right.
I like the small and easy to read format of this new version :-)_
Stefan's booth presenting the book in "Festival du livre en Bretagne",
an event about publishing and books in this region.

Erminig, Stefan's cat is always ready to send you a copy :-)

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