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link David Revoy  

Hi! This is a special episode built around a flashback scene of an important time of the past for Pepper and Carrot.
I really wanted to draw this episode, it was an opportunity to bring many background elements around Pepper; how she started at the Hippiah school, how she met Carrot, how she was found by the witches of Chaosah and a hint about her hidden enormous potential as a witch... So, we go back in time with this flashback, not very far before episode 1; that's why you probably are already familiar with the color of the Hippiah dress.

On a technical point of view, this episode has a big amount of panels, almost two time more than usual episode. All this additional panels were necessary to smooth the storytelling and get a more cinematic feeling (and not a comic-strip one). That's why I'm posting this episode not at the end of July as planed at first , but at the end of the first week of August. A proof I always put priority on quality :)

Before jumping on the production of the next episode (in September), I will focus a bit on adding new tutorial and maintaining the Youtube channel. But first, I have a little week of holidays in August :)

I hope you liked this episode! Thanks again for all your comments, reshare, contributions and support!

link Bloodywing  

Oh David I love to see some of the background story about our 2 heroes.

link Julien NICOLAS  

Very good episode, I'm happy to know more about Pepper (and about Carrot of course!).
You are an Artist, don't mind about the date and keep this quality!
Oups... I have to leave you... Something important to do with my fridge ;)


link savant  

Wow! Very good episode :)

link Julia Stinson  

Always worth the wait! <3

link Chalo Canaria  

J'attendais un étreinte ou quelque chose tendre. C'est génial qu'une BD ne finisse pas comme tu l’attendes -c'est toujours une surprise!

link Jonas  

It's a great episode, I'm just a little confused about the timeline now. The Witches of Chasoa don't show up until episode 11. If this one takes place shortly before episode one, does that mean they took Pepper out of School and then left her alone? What happened between this one and episode 1?

link Joonz  

*clap clap clap*

I always wondered how Pepper came to adopt Carrot.

Love the flashback!

link anon  

Best episode in a while imo.

link Craig Maloney  

She went through her training as a witch of Chaosah during that time.

link Willem3141  

Again a very nice episode! Carrot is so funny :D

Have a nice holiday!

link Jonas  

So they trained her for a very short time, leaving and didn't bother to replace her Hippiah dress, then they left her alone and only came back in episode 11?
I'm not complaining, it just doesn't make sense to me. Another flashback episode seems to be in order :)

link Tobias  

The flashback is nice, but I don't get the last panel this time.

link MCMic  

I like this episode, it feels more like it’s telling us a story and less like it’s just preparing for the end joke like some of the previous episodes. Good job :-)
It feels a bit weird that Pepper is the only witch with her name not translated in french in the french version.

link Nina  

I think Carrot was reminded of the time he was very hungry when he met Pepper haha. Coincidentally, he was hungry at the end of the episode :)

David: This is one of my favorite episodes so far.

link Craig Maloney  

From what I'm gathering episode 1 was shortly after she was "acquired" by the witches of Chaosah. She's still wearing her Hippiah attire, and hasn't hit the present day. Episode 2 onward is closer to "present day".

link PhiLho  

Carrot kept his name ("his" because he is almost human-like, just speechless) too.
They are featured in the title, they deserve to keep their name (and the names are close enough of the French version, anyway). Some names like garlic can be more obscure to French readers.

link PhiLho  

I think the witches trained her (not enough, not to her liking, as we know) but were not always present with her: they have their own house, and probably left Pepper alone a lot.

link PhiLho  

Note on the comment area: it is nice and good to have e-mails optional, for once.
It might be interesting to indicate what is the purpose of this field. Something like:
E-mail (not displayed, for Gravatar, optional):

link David Revoy  

Thank you very much for your suggestion, very helpful. I just pushed the modification online.

link Jonas  

So the training happened between episode one and two? Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

link samim_zp  

well,it was great. i like your works.and i envy your imagination! mine are always complex,illusionary and aggressive.and i love your desire to make your work open source.anyway, is there anyway to ask my questions about comic?

link Pèrfa  

Cette scène! On ne s’y attend pas, c’est génial.
Et ces dessins! Ils sont si beaux.
Bravo à vous David Revoy, j’apprécie beaucoup vos créations, ainsi que votre rubrique philosophie. Vous avez un véritable talent. Merci.

link Jony  

Hey Hey David!! i was waiting the comic, its amazing!!!! i became a fan of you. I love this! and ive learned a lot already! I cant wait to see the tutorial! OMG that should be gold! thank you for your time and talent.

link Bill  

Toujours aussi beau, mention spéciale aux expressions de Pepper particulièrement bien réussies ici.

link David Revoy  

Thanks! For your questions, I'm often around the IRC channel #pepper&carrot for a chat:

link Itzcuauhtli  

Good episode. This explains many things and is a good flashback about how Carrot was adopted by Pepper :'D

I enjoy your webcomic (and I hope in the future make a fanart)

link Fairportfan  

Cats are ALWAYS very hungry.

link M  

Отличный комикс, надо больше рекламировать его! Вполне подходит и не для любителей жанра. Соцсети ждут его.

link Kaylee  

Yay! The August issue is here (even though I'm only reading it in September). This was heartmeltingly adorable. I loved seeing the background of Pepper to set up for future episodes. (Are you ever going to explain how witches get their spice names, or are they all just really luckily born as 'Oregano?') 2 panels were my favorites: Carrot coming out of the carrots while you can see Pepper's profile (also, excellent dark and light contrast, and awww young Pepper), and also the cutest excited Carrot with his tiny sharp teeth. Thanks again for drawing! I'm very excited for the next arc!

link carrot-fan  

This is a great episode, beautiful drawings.
It is great because you finally draw about the past instead of writing a wiki page about the background. As this is a comic strip everything the readers learn must be through episodes not through reading a wiki page. I think the wiki introduction ought to be replaced by a couple of episodes in time — there’s no hurry.
What I mean is as a reader of your work, I don’t want to be told about the background in words, as in there are three moons, I want to see them (yes I’ve seen them and enjoyed them) and all I need to understand about these moons should be in the episodes — either in one episode or scattered over several episodes. We as readers want to be able to imagine, draw the puzzle together. Being told in a wiki page is a total bore because this is not a novel, even if the page is well-written, though rather conventionally amusing.

So, keep the good work, David, many many thanks, and I think you’re totally right about your free licence.

link carrot-fan  

Just a quick addition: maybe Carrot’s teeth (in all the episodes in which his teeth are seen) don’t look quite allright for a cat. They look rather like a set of artificial teeth to me, and not very cat-like.

link amangudan  

Komik free open source yang keren. Semangat dan terus berkarya ya! :D

link ArgoS  

Your webcomic gives me a lot of joy. Thank you very much!
PS: libre software rocks!

link Scoee  

This is my favorite episode by far! <3

link Veldin  

Bonjour David Revoy, c'est pour vous signaler une erreur dans la partie 3 de cet épisode 18 en version française (FR). Dans la bulle ""Je vous rapelle qu'Hippiah n'est pas une magie pour faire des déserbants !...", il faut mettre deux "p" dans "rapelle' => "rappelle". Sinon, excellente épisode, cela fait un moment que je suis les aventures ultra-magiques de Pepper et de Carrot trop mignon et j'y passe d'agréables moments. Merci David et continuez comme ça ! <3

link David Revoy  

Merci Veldin pour la correction et pour les encouragements!
C'est réparé ici:

link Kitouni Romaïssa  

I'm not crying, you're crying. :'(

link LOLCAT  


link AJ Duggan  

Hello David

I`m a massive fan of Pepper & Carrot it was the inspiration behind my comic and visual novel game "Vampire Wars" I would be honored if you would have a quick look I thihnk you will love the main Vampire as she is naughty

link AJ Duggan

Here is a clink david

link David Revoy  

Thank you for the link and the nice words!
You draw very well; I wish all the best for your webcomic for the future.

link Mona  

That's so cute and hilarious!
I have several favourite episodes, but this definitely tops them all. If I were to compare this episode to other famous franchises, it would be similar to the Kirby series and Pokémon series.
Firstly, it's similar to the Kirby series because, like the main character in the series (Kirby), Carrot appears to have an insatiable appetite, LOL! However, he is also willing to help those in trouble.
It's also similar to Pokémon because (I'm looking at you, Pepper) Pepper is actually willing to impress others, just like an Incineroar!
Here are the links just in case you're curious:


link Fanny  

Carrot is so cute! I love reading your stories!!

link Dude  

Imagine being name after a spice. O n O

link Lil  

So cute and funny!

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