link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hi! It's a longer episode than usual with 7 pages. The episode already has 16 translations ( at release time ) thanks to the super-translation-team. The production of all panels with this level of rendering was a real challenge. Wind, beam of light, a lot of different color palette... not easy to paint. I spent a lot of nights and days on polishing this one ;-) I'm even a little sad to leave this ep17 now: I had good moment painting the various scenes, expressions, places and characters of this story. I hope you'll like it!

link Nicolas Carrier   - Reply


Can't wait to read it to my daughter tomorrow !

link Tom Head   - Reply

Very well done, David. I've gotten all misty-eyed. Even though it was obvious where things were going, that hug at the end was most surprising, and emotional, and welcome. Your storytelling ranks up there with your artistry, which is saying a lot. Thanks for sharing the world of Pepper and Carrot with us.

link Luke   - Reply

Is there a story I missed about Glénat joining the sponsors ?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, It's very fresh ( this month ) and a good news :) I'll post a detailed article about it soon!

link TheFaico   - Reply

Glénat? wow! It's now a sponsor of Pepper&Carrot? That means there will be comics on paper distributed by Glénat (en France je suppose)?

link TheFaico   - Reply

À paraître le 31.08.2016 :) http://www.glenatbd.com/bd/pepper-et-carrot-tome-1-9782344017258.htm Ça incluira tous les épisodes jusqu'au celui-là?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey TheFaico! :-) Thanks again for the good translation in Spanish!
Yes, it's really fresh news, and I wanted to add it as a little surprise at the end of this episode, I'll publish an article soon about it :-)

link Fabián   - Reply

Gracias Faico por la traducción :D

link Joonz   - Reply

I love the ending! And the artistic style is wonderful, too! ^_^

link TheFaico   - Reply

celui-ci* xD

link Chalo   - Reply

Alors, c'est possible qu'un sorcière apprene des différents magies en Chaosah? Je pensais qu'ils naissaient avec le control d'un seul rameau.

link Luke   - Reply

Y avait pas une histoire de primaire innée, et un secondaire au choix de la sorcière ?

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

There are six different major schools of magic in Hereva. The world still has innate magic, but the schools focus on different aspects of Hereva magic.

Check the Wiki for more details. :)

link Mathias   - Reply

Ces sorcières me rappellent de plus en plus celles du Disque-Monde! ...Avec leurs techniques qui consistent à intimider l'ennemi plutôt que de l'affronter... Très joli strip!

link bitflipper   - Reply

I like the new art style, but, I must confess, it spooked me at first. The new style along with the title made me dread that you were attempting a reboot of Pepper and Carrot, and I was enjoying the story of Pepper and her godmothers enough that I really wanted to see how it resolves. So, from my point of view, this chapter was doubly ironic and enjoyable. Well done, as always!

On a completely different subject, is the Cosmos Laundromat project still ongoing? Could you point me to somewhere that I could find more information about that project? Thanks!

link Nina   - Reply

Good storytelling. This chapter helped me understand better why Pepper felt frustrated with the witches of Chaosah and what kind of practical (albeit seemingly mundane) survival training she received from them. I really liked how she looked "mean" when she stared down at the elephant looking creature haha.

Btw Pepper lost her hat. But I like her new broom better than the old one (Did she borrow it from Shichimi, or is this broom now hers?)

link Jean Sergio   - Reply

Splendid work as always. Love the facial expressions and wonderful backgrounds.

link Draco   - Reply

Turbulence! I meet it's in fantasy the first time and I'm very happy!
These little things make the story alive.

Abrasions on the face! David - you're a genius!

Carrot's face when he ate radishes - really priceless. ^_^

link Joonz   - Reply

Reading this comic again, I wonder if Pepper will need to get a new hat, a different one this time? (Although I like the hat she was wearing, it is really unique.)

link Emma   - Reply

We love it..Please keep up the great work. Stay blessed..

link zubb   - Reply

I did like this yes.

link Rangareg   - Reply

your Work is great!
i`m reading it since 2 Years :)
in the German version of Episode 17 is a little mistake in page 2
it´s "Nebel" not "Neben"

greedings & best wish


link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Thanks! I added your note to the bugreport here: https://github.com/Deevad/peppercarrot_ep17_translation/issues/21

link Basketball King   - Reply

Is there an English version? It looks interesting but I can't understand :(

link Basketball King   - Reply

oh never mind, silly me I just figured it out. Loved it.

link Victor Cavalcanti   - Reply

That episode was lovely!

Also, seeing the lots and lots of different environments made me really curious about the planet (maybe planets?) where Pepper and Carrot exist.

Thanks for the awesome work, David :D

link Ali   - Reply

This reminds me very much of the witches in Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Anyone else?

link Greebo   - Reply

I'm not the only one XD

link Kaylee   - Reply

Yes! I have been waiting and waiting for this! I try not to check too often because I know they are bimonthly and take forever to paint (I'm endlessly in awe of your 'behind the scenes videos' and your sheer artistic talent brava), but I was so happy to see this, even if I'm a month late to the party. I like to read them very, very slowly where I linger over each panel for a full minute to appreciate the detailing, lighting, and shading you put in. By far I think my favorite panel of this comic is the one where Pepper glares with that perfectly captured grey-eyed expression "Above all, don't panic."

My favorite parts of Pepper & Carrot are her friends (the birthday party arc was my favorite). I hope we get to see lots more and thank you for this beautiful work of art.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Kaylee, thank you for the *best* feedback I ever read; I'm right now in a little down being in the middle of the production of the episode 18, and your comment fill me again with energy to continue to paint! Thank you!

link Silver Ash   - Reply

Hello Mr Revoy! I’ve just discovered Pepper & Carrot... and now I wonder how it’s possible that I had never heard of it before?! And I thought I knew something about webcomics! :-)

Your art is simply stunning. Like Kaylee, I find that there are so many lovely details to dwell on. And the stories! They’re all wonderful! Funny, touching, beautifully told. This episode alone is great, an effective tale perfectly orchestrated. And the expressions are gold in every panel... My favorite story so far is “The Crystal Ball”. Such a marvelous blend of magic and technology, as is the whole idea of Chaosah magic! I also loved “The Birthday Party” and its follow-up. Hilarious and heartwarming.

I showed it to my Mom (62), and she loves Pepper & Carrot too! Vivement le prochain épisode !! :-)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

Aww !! Thank you sooo much for this feedback Silver Ash!
Your comment easily compete with the one of Kaylee on my top5 best feedback ever.
I really hope you'll like the next episode. I'm working hard to release it the first week of August.
Un gros merci!

link Itzcuauhtli   - Reply

Wow, is a great chapter and with a wonderfull and tender lesson ;'D.

Salutations du Mexique

link Jonatan MIra   - Reply

I do love it!! its amazing and fully of passioned love. Bravo!!!!!!

link Anonny   - Reply

That may be the first hug Cayenne's had in 40 years.

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

You're probably right. Pretty sure the only warm human contact she's had was when the back of her hand hit someone.

link guy called cat   - Reply

this is bootiful

link jeff   - Reply

hagrids mom

link Naroa y Ale   - Reply

Somos dos niños/as de 5 y 10 años, nos ha encantado tus comics, bravo!!!

link Emmanuel   - Reply

This is my first time commenting, I've been reading these for hours and this episode was amazing😆

link LOLCAT   - Reply

I agree😄

link DenGamerShow   - Reply

These are such fantastic and wonderful stories that I have almost no words. Probably one of the best drawings I've ever seen. Thank you, David, for these comics

link TOUFIQ UL ALAM   - Reply

what a beautiful story. Again! It took me to my childhood dreams! Those beautiful and colorful days of magic and mysteries! I just cannot have enough of Pepper and Carrot!!! Cheers David!!

link Oscar   - Reply

I get so joyful looking at the colors.
Amazing work. I really feel your graphical intent!

link Zykaylia Tamia Clark   - Reply

so sick of these

link Craig Maloney Contributor, - Reply

Thank you for sharing.

link Lil   - Reply

Amazing story and artwork!

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