Live streaming on Twitch: collaborative design of the Phanda

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Hey, I'm updating this blog-post few hours after the live-streaming ended: thank you so much for watching the live video and for your advice, comments in the chat-room. You were more than 200 to watch it!

You missed it? The video expired on Twitch after 14 days; but it was also archived on Youtube here ; unfortunately this archive doesn't show the interaction of the chat, so I'm often speaking alone on this video. Here is what happened on it:
I had a time budget of 2h. So I decided to propose a creature design. I started by asking in the chat-room for ideas of combination of animals for a design in the next episode of Pepper&Carrot: because I need an agressive creature in future episode 17. The audience came up with really original ideas: (A) a Ferret+Python , (B) a Badger+Spider, (C) Bear+Mantis, (D) an Elephant+Panda+Pufferfish. I took the first 40min with a bit of presentation plus a little time on developing quickly this ideas. At the end: the concept (D) won the votes, but with a bit of (B) and (C). So I added a tail of badger, and the fur of the bear to the Elephant+Panda+Pufferfish.

After this step, I started to render the sketch, with a low time budget of 1h20. I made a minimal drawing pass with a pencil preset to solidify my volumes on the top of the sketch, then I started to paint the concept. Before the color, we decided to go with Red Panda colors. I tried to follow all the advices on the chat-room, but it was too fast to read them all. ( sorry Sixpairsoffeet ! I saw your questions and suggestions only at the end of the stream, same for many other).

After the end of the streaming, I took time to read all the comments in the chat-room and so I could fix all the little issues: I removed the Dune-worm-trunk to something a bit less weird, I added more spikes, I added teeth, added stripes on the trunk, shading on the horn and little bones on the floor. And... here is the 'Phanda' !

source file and hi-res on'sources/misc' category

Thanks again for watching it!