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I'll not publish the episode 17 at this end of month; I decided to spend my time on many technical tasks for the health of the project. Pepper&Carrot is growing a lot and the website welcome now 9000 visitors daily, proposes 30 languages, 15GB of sources to download, 21 Git repositories .... Running it is a real daily challenge with constant needs of fix and evolution. So here are short news, with many links in case you are interested to follow what changed:

  1. www.peppercarrot.com moved to a powerful dedicated server.
  2. Webcomic pages are now cached all over the world in 30 datacenter.
  3. Full refactoring of the Sources Center.
  4. Possibility to download big zip with all HD pages in a selected language for publishers.
  5. New repository of sources for the Blender 3D files.
  6. Episode in HD can now be linked (eg. The Birthday Party in HD)
  7. Quick access to all artworks without speechbubbles.
  8. Translators have now a better overview table and full credits.
  9. Better source page for every episodes ( eg. The Wish page ).
  10. New page with resources pictures for press ( logos, titles, photo, etc...).
  11. Translator/corrector credits in Author menu.
  12. Creation of a repository for collaborative work on scenarios.
  13. Renderfarm received update for more automatism.
  14. www.davidrevoy.com was updated too.

... and add to this the beta-test I made for Krita, the new v8 brush-kit and it's make a really busy month. But I'm happy. The TO-DO list is now much more easy to look at. Next step: finishing episode 17 :-)

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link Konstantin Dmitriev  

Awesome work, David! I am especially admire, since I know how much time and effort handling of those internals take. ^__^

link David Revoy Author,

Hey Konstantin,
Thank you for the nice words. Yes, with your impressive work on Morevna (managing renderfarm, Blender plugin, tutorial, production and maintainance of website+sources) I have no doubt you know very well all it takes to maintain this and how it's frustrating to do this instead of focusing on pure production of new art and content. Keep good job!

link Kyrio  

Je suis émerveillé à la simple évocation d'un dépôt Git pour des propositions de scénario. J'ai déjà eu plusieurs idées d'histoires, je ne sais pas si elles vont me revenir, mais en tout cas je pense participer au plus vite ;)

Je suppose que les participants doivent faire un fork du projet puis une pull request ?

link David Revoy Author,

Merci! Oui, le pull-request de Github est très pratique pour ça, A très bientôt :)

link rubygirl  

Hey David,
I love your Pepper&Carrot but you know CDN isn’t good news. CDNs spy on your visitors and fans.
As for Github, as a FSF member, I’m aware of its evil. It’s bad for developers, contributors and visitors.

RubyGirl from far away

link David Revoy  

Thanks RubiGirl,
I know, and each update after each update I try to make Pepper&Carrot website a better place. Big success on 2016:
- I keep just a single cookie to remember the 'lang' of the user during a couple of week. I don't need to show the 'cookie' warning.
- Removed all javascript , exept a tiny one to quote the comments ( optional )
- Removed Google analytic.
- Removed social-media-link widget that was spying.
As you tell, there is still:
- CDN to font-awesome. Easy to self-host. It might be easy
- CDN for google-font. It will be hard to avoid this one for the Japanese version of the website ; but it's a split css file.
- Github for the repo.
- Google-mailing-list for the translator mailing list.
:-) ... but step after step, I'm working on it. I'm aware of it. Thanks for the reminder.

link RubyGirl  

Many thanks David, for what you’ve done. I’ve read your post on fighting CDNs. All your readers and visitors are very grateful, I’m sure.

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