[day 1] Campaign abuse by Sir R. McGentleman

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Update on 19 January, 23:21 , French time : The author of the kickstarter page is editing and fixing the page to be compliant with CC-BY 4.0 international. Thanks for not reporting the page anymore. more updates on day 2 post ]


I do not endorse and I'm not involved as an author in the running Kickstarter campaign "Pepper and Carrot Volume 2" created by Sir Ricky McGentleman (even if the page can make you believe I'm part of it). The money invested on it benefit to Sir Ricky McGentleman, not me. I'm not against the commercial usage in this project, I'm against the non-respect of the license : (in short, endorsement of original creator, no indication when changes are made, missing attributions for translators, wrong link to the license). I requested Kickstarter to take down the page for this reasons.

- Violations details: noted on a screenshot here - License of Pepper&Carrot: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Internationnal Kickstater doesn't reply my report and the creator of the page ignores my recommendations. I feel abused... It affect my productivity and inspiration. Can you help me by sharing, reporting the page and make noise?... Thank you,

- David Revoy

License: "[day 1] Campaign abuse by Sir R. McGentleman" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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