[day 2] Campaign abuse by Sir R. McGentleman

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I compose here a new blog-post to give fresh news one day after the post "a Kickstarter campaign abuse Pepper&Carrot's license." about this kickstarter project .

First, I want to thank you all for the massive help, questions and reaction. I tried to reply to many questions. Thanks also for all the suggestion I received to fix the website and explain better the CC-By 4.0 license. Sure, there is still room to improve the communication about it and I fixed little mistake here and here and I'll continue to work on it for the future. But Let be honest : on dozen of projects totally respecting the CC-BY rules, this one wasn't respecting them on purpose. It's not about the documentation.

Morning :

The author of kickstarter page contacted me this morning (via email) doing as if he never heard about the any issue or recommendation, with a strategy of victim. I replied him again the detail, the CC-By, etc... That's how the Kickstarter page received a first pass of fix toward a CC-By compliance this morning. There is still many room to improve and many shadows : here are my comments about it written on the top of the page in red frames ( click to enlarge ) :

This author caused me a lot of trouble, and always play between legal/illegal, always shading himself behind a 'We', behind fictive company. For those interested in more background, I recommend to read comments on the post of yesterday ( Here about the story of the first kickstarter , here about the NinjaKnight comic donation via Patreon ).

Early afternoon :

The kickstarter page has been turned down by Kickstarter , screenshot under with my first reaction.

I also received an email from "Kickstarter Copyright" notifying me about the "hidden status" of the kickstarter page. Thank you. I'm open to discutions with Kickstarter, providing documents, screenshots, email discutions if they need. I'm 100% transparent and I write all I can publicly using my real name, hosting this project on my server and being 100% legal in my activity.

Late afternoon :

The kickstarter page is back. Same version that the one seen in the morning. Hard to understand any logic behind it...

Evening :

I received email from Kickstarter about the author claiming he did the necessary changes. He did ( same change than in morning ) . The page is almost fully compliant with CC-BY right now, and he clearly write I do not endorse the project. I'm ok to not fight more with this final result. Not ideal. Still many wrong things, many lies. "Not legit but legal". I requested Kickstarter to send a message to all his backer. They need to see the page updated with newer information, because they bought a lie.

On my side , show must go on! Let focus now on future episode 14 ; and plan a real printing project for summer!

Moving forward: a future printed version

I'm right now discussing with the Krita Foundation for an official ( one I endorse, with review on quality ) printed version in english with all benefit going to only free and open sources software I'm using ( GNU/Linux, Krita, Gmic, Inkscape... smaller projects too, as percent ). It will take time to setup and it will be scheduled for summer 2016. Thanks for your patience.

License: "[day 2] Campaign abuse by Sir R. McGentleman" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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